Asus Laptop Keyboard Backlight Not Working on Windows 10 yous feeling bothered because your ASUS laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows ten? Here’s how to ready Asus keyboard backlight non working job.

ASUS makes more or less bully products in the personal computing space, Laptops, all-inwards-ones, as well as whatnot. Are yous the possessor of an Asus laptop which worked good for a long fourth dimension just has had the keyboard backlight not working of late?

Is your ASUS keyboard backlight not working later on the recent Windows update? Want to know how to prepare ASUS laptop keyboard backlight non working on windows 10? We have all the answers you lot ask.

In this conduct, nosotros will take a expect at the ASUS keyboard backlight non working Windows x effect in addition to we will besides explicate what are the primary reasons behind laptop keyboard lite not working on Asus laptops besides equally on laptops past other OEMs.
asus laptop keyboard backlight not working
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So, without further ado, permit’second spring correct inwards and become the answer to your inquiry, how to ready Asus keyboard backlight not working on Windows 10 operating systems? Let’second set about.

How to Enable the Backlight Keyboard on ASUS Laptop

In the cases when your ASUS laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows 10, your firstly priority should live to bank check if your laptop supports keyboard backlighting. If the F3 as well as F4 keys have a keyboard symbol alongside a Sun coming out of it and then keyboard backlight is supported on your device.

If you take a laptop with a basic unmarried color backlight so enabling as well as controlling the keyboard backlight is fairly tardily. You tin can easily change the intensity as well as turn the backlight on or off using the next keyboard shortcuts keys:
  • Press the Fn (Function cardinal) on your keyboard which is usually establish about the left or correct Alt Key.
  • And so press the F4 fundamental patch pressing Fn Key
Once you press these shortcuts keys properly, it will enable the backlight keyboard on your ASUS laptop.

In case, if you wishing to dim the keyboard backlight or increment its intensity:
  • Press Fn + F4 keys together to increment the brightness.
  • Press Fn + F3 keys together to trim the brightness in addition to plow it off.
If y'all take a gaming laptop that comes amongst a keyboard with RGB backlight and then yous tin can purpose ASUS Armoury crate to customize the backlight.

The Potential Causes of Why ASUS Laptop Keyboard Backlight Not Working

Before moving forrad in addition to first next the solutions, let’sec larn nearly the possible reasons behind ASUS laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows 10 get-go. Well, there are many reasons that tin can movement the ASUS laptop keyboard light non working mistake in addition to roughly of them are:
  • Corrupt or Incorrect Drivers: Sometimes the drivers tin can get corrupted afterward a Windows update. Updates to certain software tin also brand the previous drivers incompatible.
  • Error State or Incorrect Boot Condition: If the arrangement was unable to kick properly in addition to fails to become through all the pre-boot checks so the arrangement may drive the keyboard backlight non working fault.
  • Hardware Malfunctions: In rare cases, the hardware starts to deteriorate together with malfunctions which drive issues amongst keyboard backlights.
  • Major System Updates: If you lot are running Windows x then you lot must be familiar with the irritating updates Microsoft keeps pushing to devices. Many times, these updates are what cause the Asus laptop keyboard backlight not working error.

How to Fix ASUS Laptop Keyboard Backlight Not Working on Windows 10

Since right away we know what are the circumstances that can cause the ASUS keyboard backlight non working issue, it’second fourth dimension to cheque out the solutions to bargain alongside it. Here nosotros accept described approximately of the quickest ways to prepare ASUS laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows ten upshot so that you can use them straightforwardly in addition to become dorsum your keyboard backlight operating smoothly again similar before. The acme 4 methods which I personally recommend are:

Method one: Power Cycle Your ASUS laptop

Power cycling a arrangement way to shut it downwardly completely, drain whatever leftover static and reboot again. Power cycling helps reset whatever temporary configurations or errors that commonly crusade keyboard backlight non working errors. Make certain to salvage all your operate earlier yous ability wheel to ensure that y'all don’t lose information.

Follow these steps as well as larn how to ability bicycle your ASUS laptop inwards society to become rid of keyboard backlight not working job:
  • At commencement, Shut down your Windows ten arrangement.
  • Remove the ability cord or charger which may be attached.
  • Take out the battery from your laptop, you lot volition ask to unlock it from the bottom of the laptop to take away it.
  • Click and concord the power button on your laptop for x seconds alongside the battery removed. This volition discharge any static that may live built upward.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes as well as and then gather your laptop with the battery.
  • Turn your laptop on to bank check if the Asus laptop keyboard backlight non working event is resolved.
In almost cases, this method fixes the Asus keyboard backlight not working Windows x fault. But if this method doesn’t ready your event so move to the side by side one.

Method 2: Reinstall the Keyboard Driver Manually (with latest ATK)

If the power cycling your ASUS laptop didn’t prepare the keyboard backlight not working effect that way the job is on the software or hardware level. This solution volition help you lot cook the AUS laptop keyboard calorie-free non working result if it is on the software grade.

Follow these instructions together with learn how to reinstall the keyboard driver Manually in addition to go the latest ATK drivers for the keyboard:
  • At kickoff, cheque the model issue for your laptop. This is ordinarily plant on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker alongside the serial issue.
  • Enter the model mention you plant in pace one inward the box on the left or manually search for your model from the driblet-downwardly menus.
  • Once establish, select the OS yous are running on. In about cases, it will be Windows x 64-fleck.
  • Scroll down on the page and once y'all detect ATK, click on the Download push beside it. Wait for the download to consummate.
  • Once downloaded, click on the null file together with extract it to your desired location.
  • Finally, double-click on the Setup.exe file to run the installation wizard too and so follow the instructions on the concealment to install it.
Once the installation is completed, your keyboard backlight should live dorsum on. If nonetheless non, restart your laptop as well as check if the ASUS laptop keyboard calorie-free non working glitch is resolved.

This is some other quick together with easy method that should make the AUSU laptop keyboard backlight non working on Windows 10 problem. In case if it doesn’t, nosotros take a few more tricks upwards our sleeves.

Method three: Execute the HControl.exe Program

If you lot want to try this method, make sure that yous take installed the latest ATK bundle (every bit we accept explained inwards the in a higher place method) because the HControl.exe plan nosotros are going to execute is within this ATK packet. So, one time you accept installed all the drivers that are needed, you tin manually endeavor to start too execute the HControl.exe programme which is responsible for managing the keyboard backlighting module.

Follow these steps together with learn how to discover the HControl.exe program in addition to execute it to go rid of AUSU laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows x consequence

Step (ane): First of all, open up the File Explorer and navigate to the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey

This is the default path of the installation of the drivers. If you accept installed it somewhere else so navigate to that path.

Step (ii): A folder alongside multiple files will look. Here yous take to detect the HControl.exe file.

Step (3): And in one case y'all notice the HControl.exe, double click on it to execute the plan.

Once the programme starts, y'all should encounter the backlight plow on. If it doesn’t, try pressing the Fn + F4 primal together to check if that turns it on. If this method fixes your problem and so you are expert to go. If not, in that location’s 1 terminal affair y'all can attempt.

Method four: Use the ASUS Armoury Crate Software

This method is primarily useful for people with Gaming laptops. Armoury Crate (AC) by ASUS is a versatile piece of the arrangement controlling software that allows y'all to control a lot of things on your laptop. One of them is the keyboard backlighting. To effort too fix the Asus keyboard backlight non working Windows x job on an Asus laptop using Armoury Crate y'all need to:
  • At kickoff, download Armoury Crate from the ASUS Official Support website.
  • Once downloaded, install the software on your laptop as well as reboot.
  • Now, open ASUS Armoury Crate and click on the gaming console icon on the left side, and so click on the System.
  • On the System section, click on the Lighting too then gyre downwardly till yous come across Customize option.
  • Click on the Customize choice and and so click on the OK push button if the popup appears.
  • Next, wait for an Edit push button on the correct side of the Customize bill of fare which says Customize AURA. Once establish, click on it.
  • Now customize the lighting every bit y'all desire from the card as well as and then click on the OK button to salve the changes.
Once y'all save your keyboard volition be compatible as well as AURA synced in one case over again. This method volition most probable ready issues with RGB backlighting on gaming laptops. If it doesn’t then almost probable the mistake is on a hardware grade. I recommend yous visit your closest service eye to get your laptop checked.


After following these iv most effective solutions, your ASUS laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows ten job should live solved by straightaway. But if neither of these methods helped y'all prepare your ASUS keyboard light not working upshot and then the alone selection that remains is to get your laptop checked at the hardware degree from a service heart nigh you lot. You tin can endeavor the Hardware as well as Devices troubleshooter built-inward to windows x to endeavour and prepare the result only the chances are quite slim.

We hope these step past footstep methods hither helped yous cook the keyboard backlight not working upshot on your Asus laptop. We too promise that nosotros were able to thoroughly respond your query – how to make ASUS laptop keyboard backlight not working on Windows 10? If you lot accept nevertheless whatsoever questions regarding the ASUS keyboard backlight not working then experience gratuitous to enquire them in the comments below or simply driblet us an electronic mail and nosotros will certainly assist you lot out. Until adjacent time, Ciao!