GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Are You Thinking to Go for Branding? vs GraphicMail – Learn what is the best e-mail marketing service for branding? GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Are you thinking to get for Branding?
Marketing as well as branding are ii such damage that have go the ask of every business inward this modernistic era. For growth of whatsoever business, the marketing as well as branding should live done inward an efficient way to attain the planned goal successfully. Email marketing is i of the basic needs that are required by every business organization big or small, hardly matters.

Email marketing tools aid the users to stay connected with your business organization together with this inwards plough helps y'all inward getting the desired upshot. GetResponse and GraphicMail are the ii e-mail marketing tools that used widely past nearly of the businesses. Let us accept a brief discussion on them.

GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Discovering the Depth

GetResponse is one such smart electronic mail marketing tool that tin can be used for the successful branding of your business organisation through its awesomely designed responsive e-mail templates. You can post the newsletters to your clients remain connected alongside them for a longer catamenia.

Moreover, y'all can detect how many of your subscribers accept gone through your mail service as well as to how many the post has been delivered. You tin can even larn most the people unsubscribing from your mailing list as well as the reason for the same. Landing pages tin can be created inside few minutes to attract more than customers.
GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Are You Thinking to Go for Branding?
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GraphicMail is some other electronic mail marketing tool that can turn over a boost to your business concern by making your clients get attracted towards the superb blueprint of your newsletters. You can even stay inwards impact amongst your customer through text messaging & mobile marketing.

Social media integration feature of GraphicMail makes it tardily for you lot to harness your social media reach of different social networks. It is the type of email marketing tool that a business concern must call for to expand together with attain a maximum number of customers inward less time amongst few efforts.

Let us learn well-nigh more or less of the about prominent features of both the e-mail marketing tools inwards depth.

Design & Templates

GetResponse: It offers about 1 GB image hosting infinite that is much more than than nearly of the providers. You can edit the custom images and select over 350+ templates. Images tin as well be added too replaced from the templates. You tin can edit the electronic mail templates and tin preview them directly through WYSIWYG editor of GetResponse.

Content blocks and images can be dragged easily from one position to other. It offers y'all tardily customizations so that e-mail template could live re-designed perfectly. Twitter & Facebook Integration is really slow through GetResponse.
GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Are You Thinking to Go for Branding?
GraphicMail: It offers you solely 20MB of icon hosting, though more than than many other providers, merely sure enough also less than what GetResponse is offering. It offers 100+ e-mail templates. You are allowed to edit the images within the templates, as well as you lot can even insert iii columns. GraphicMail too offers yous WYSIWYG editor to make customization slowly for the users. Content blocks and images tin be dragged and dropped easily.

But if you lot wish to get rid of GraphicMail’s logo in the e-mail template and so a one-time fee of $250 needs to be paid. Twitter, Digg, Facebook, and MySpace integration in electronic mail templates makes it slow for your clients to percentage your business over their social media profile.
GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Are You Thinking to Go for Branding?

Contact Management

GetResponse: If yous are using its paid business relationship and so you lot tin import your email contacts through Excel sheet, only for the trial pack users, the solely selection to import the contacts is past doing cutting & paste. You tin can import your contacts from Salesforce, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo together with few other e-mail accounts. The autoresponder arrangement allows you lot to greet the new subscriber amongst a welcome message. Bounces as well as unsubscribes are automatically removed from the contact listing.

GraphicMail: You can import the contacts easily through Excel file from different electronic mail accounts including Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, too Outlook. The autoresponder system of GraphicMail helps you to mail a welcome message to novel subscribers. It doesn’t take away the bounces from the contact listing, only unsubscribes are removed from the list.

Email Delivery & Spam Filter

GetResponse: They take a spam checking tool called ‘SpamCop’ that displays the ideas for fixing the content that mightiness be blocked past the readers. Email campaigns tin live scheduled easily according to dissimilar fourth dimension zones. The campaigns are sent out inwards less than a minute.

GraphicMail: The spam checking tool of GraphicMail checks the phrases in addition to words that may campaign your newsletter to get blocked past the electronic mail Spam Filter. It also doesn’t let you lot to re-edit the newsletter, in one case you lot take scheduled it for sending. It takes less than 5 minutes for the email to live sent.

Reports Analysis

GetResponse: The reports of GetResponse demo the clicks, opens, unsubscribes, spam reports, bounces, together with meridian performing links. All the user actions are reflected properly on these reports. The reports received on your electronic mail tin can live exported into a spreadsheet or displayed every bit graph. The make clean listing without whatsoever unsubscribes and bounces can likewise be exported. The A/B testing helps y'all to examination few variables that power trouble the success of email campaigns. Google Analytics is integrated to the reports so that the reader’sec traffic for the electronic mail cause can be viewed.

GraphicMail: The reports of GraphicMail display the bounces, clicks, opens, unsubscribe, frontward, too spam reports. These reports tin can live viewed equally a graph in addition to tin can be exported equally Excel canvass. The A/B testing assists you lot to test variables that might impact efficiency of e-mail campaigns. Google Analytics is integrated alongside these reports so that the reader’second traffic for e-mail drive can live viewed.


GetResponse: The minimum plan starts at $15 per calendar month that allows you lot to post newsletters to the list of one thousand people inwards a flash. You tin can upgrade the plan as per your ask.
GetResponse vs GraphicMail: Are You Thinking to Go for Branding?
GraphicMail: The minimum design starts at $25 per month which allows y'all to mail newsletters to 2000 people inward your mailing list. You can upgrade to higher plans equally per your needs.


Surely, GetResponse has an upper manus over GraphicMail with an enormous range of templates as well as other features. Though, GraphicMail email marketing service is cheaper than GetResponse e-mail marketing software when it comes to toll, simply characteristic-wise, one must consider going with services of GetResponse to construct a successful email cause for their business.