How to Backup and Restore Contacts on Android? Backup android contacts – Learn how to backup too restore contacts on android? Top 2 methods to backup contacts on android & restore contacts android
Are you an Android user? Chances are y'all are an Android user who finds it difficult to go your contacts dorsum on your newly purchased ring.

By the way, it’second not a dull job to backup together with restore contacts on Android. In this post, I will live explaining two slowly in addition to quick methods using which yous tin restore together with backup contacts on Android phones.
How to Backup and Restore Contacts on Android?
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You don’t require whatever external app to keep alongside both the methods. The alone affair you require is a Google business relationship. As you lot are an Android user, I promise yous have a Google account. If not, make one directly.

Method one: Backup as well as Restore Android Contacts Using Gmail

I take split the method into two parts, 1 for backing upwardly and the second for restoring android contacts. So, allow’second have a look at the steps:

How to Backup Android Contacts to Gmail?

It’second not a big deal to backup android contacts using Gmail. I am going to give you lot how it can be done pace past footstep.

Step (one): Take upwards your Android device together with become to Settings. As y'all already know, this is the place where we come up to modify the device.

Step (ii): You can meet many options there. As nosotros are going to backup contacts, yous take to tap on Backup & reset. If yous don’t encounter it, ringlet downwardly to the bottom.

Step (iii): Under Backup & Restore, you lot can run across an pick, Backup my information. Tap to plow it on.
backup my data android
Step (four): Next stride is to pick out the backup account. Here, we take a Google account. If y'all haven’t created ane, don’t hesitate to do it right at once. Then, integrate that Gmail business relationship with your device.

Step (5): Now, get to Settings → Backup & reset → backup account too take that business relationship you but created. Or, if y'all already accept an account, select the same hither.

Step (6): That’sec all. You accept straightaway backed upwards all your contacts to Google’s server (solely you tin can meet it).

Want to come across the contacts online? Well, go to in addition to sign inward. Locate a down- headed arrow merely correct to the Gmail logo. Click on it to go the Contacts links.
Gmail Contacts
Just afterward the click, a novel tab will open in addition to yous tin run across all your contacts in that location.
backup contacts on android
If you lot saw your android contacts list from your ring inward the Gmail contacts list (equally shown inward above screenshot) and so it agency Google has successfully backed upwards your contacts. Now, y'all can restore this list of contacts on your android phone whenever you lot call for.

How to Restore Android Contacts from Gmail?

Now, permit’sec suppose yous got a novel device. So, you want all the backed up contacts on it. How tin can you do it? Follow these steps to get it done.

Step (ane): Go to Settings on your Android. This fourth dimension, nosotros are non going to Backup & reset pick.

Step (ii): Scroll downwardly to get Google under Accounts. Tap on it to persuasion all your Google accounts at i home. From in that location, select that i you lot have backed up the contacts into.

Step (3): Now, y'all volition get a listing of checkboxes. Go through them carefully. You volition see Contacts in that location. Don’t forget to tick it.

Wait for approximately fourth dimension to permit the syncing process finish. Hurray!! You tin can encounter all your contacts like a shot on the new device itself. Remember, if you lot go out Contacts unchecked, you lot volition not have them.

Method two: Backup too Restore Contacts on Android without Google Account

If y'all don’t like to purpose Google business relationship for the backup role, you can function this method. Here, nosotros role neither Gmail nor any tertiary party app. The matter nosotros require hither is the native Contacts app on the device itself.

How to Backup Contacts on Android?

Here, I will live sharing a general method. The steps may vary from ring to telephone. But yous will certainly run across the option. Follow these steps to backup Android contacts:

Step (ane): Take your Android call up too go to Contacts.

Step (ii): There should live an additional options card. Tap on it to go the options. Now, you tin see an Import/ Export option. Select it in addition to and then, Export to .vcf file. (Sometimes, you tin can detect the choice within Settings on the bill of fare).
Export to .vcf file
Step (iii): Wait around time to become the importing process finished. What nosotros do hither is creating too saving a .vcf file that contains all the contacts.

That’sec it. Now we tin come in into the process of restoring android contacts.

How to Restore Contacts on Android?

You don’t need whatsoever 3rd-party app or Gmail inwards this stride as well. We bargain amongst the Contact app entirely to restore contacts on Android. Here’s how:

Step (one): Open Contacts app on your telephone in addition to go Import/ Export selection.

Step (ii): We did Export process already. Now, nosotros accept to do Importing from the .vcf file.

Step (three): You will go several options. Tap on Import from .vcf amid them.
Import from .vcf
Step (4): You may live asked to browse the file. So, select the .vcf file you lot accept created too saved earlier.

That’sec all. Now, you lot tin run across all your contacts inwards a patch. Enjoy!

Don’t You Know How to Backup too Restore Android Contacts Now?

I have given you two quick solutions for your both queries “how to backup contacts on android” as well as “how to restore contacts on android“. I hope this helps. If you have whatsoever uncertainty regarding backing upwards android contacts in addition to restoring android contacts, don’t hesitate to inquire me via comments. We will become dorsum to y'all equally soon every bit possible.

Your near welcome to advise us through comments if y'all accept some other best method to backup android contacts in addition to restore android contacts quickly?