How to Change DNS Server on Windows, Mac, and Android DNS Server – Learn what is DNS server? Why you lot should change DNS Server address? How to change DNS server on Windows, Mac, together with Android amongst the best public DNS servers?
Have y'all noticed that latterly your figurer has been taking longer to open files also every bit to charge novel tabs?

Or, have y'all been trying to enable parental command over a selected list of websites in addition to spider web content? If aye, and so it is in all likelihood high fourth dimension for y'all to modify DNS server.

Before nosotros get down today’s discuss on how to modify DNS servers, let us take a closer peek at what just a DNS server address does as well as how to alter DNS server on Windows, Mac as well as Android operating systems:

What is DNS Server?

DNS server address or DNS stands for Domain Name Server in addition to it is a primary encoding arrangement which basically translates all the domain names from their general alphabetical grade to its IP Address. For case, is converted into its IP Address (enjoin by the Domain Name Server.
change dns server
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So what precisely is the use of having an IP Address for each too every website on the cyberspace? The reply is uncomplicated! We, human beings, notice it real slowly to call back the names of websites inwards their alphabetical forms, such equally and

On the other hand, machines are only capable of agreement the IP Addresses. In a mode, nosotros tin tell that the actual function of DNS is for the use of resolving the domain names into their IP Addresses. DNS tin live seen every bit a huge digital address book which consists of all the websites names that be on the net in addition to its equivalent IP Addresses.

Why You Should Change Your DNS Server?

There are several reasons of changing DNS Server. Sometimes you lot may not live able to open up few websites using your electric current mesh too websites may besides have extra time for loading. In other cases, you may desire to change DNS Server when putting parental controls on certain websites. Changing DNS Server has several other perks which are listed below:
  • Speedy Performance: IP Address is a must for all websites to get loaded as well as depending on your meshing, it may accept several seconds for resolving the DNS. The faster your DNS Server is, the quicker your websites volition become loaded. Also, the larger the database of your DNS server is, the mention volition be plant easily without the require of searching across other DNS servers.
  • Greater Safety: Different DNS severs take unlike vulnerabilities and in that location are many DNS servers which do not work nether DNSSEC. DNA servers too enable the filtering of web addresses against whatever form of malicious content.
  • Increased Reliability: Most of the DNS servers are available to users for 100 per centum of the time. If yours is not, it is a clear indication that it is time for you lot to modify DNS server on Windows, Mac together with Android devices.

How to Change DNS Servers?

If yous are wondering how to alter DNS server on Mac, Windows in addition to Android, follow the step by pace take explained below together with speed upward your browsing experience, amend your security, as well as become the results you lot expect with absolutely no redirection:

(1) Change DNS Server on Windows

Step (1): Go to the Start Menu together with type “Network too Sharing Center” and striking Enter.

Step (ii): This will open up a new window amongst lots of network options.

Step (iii): Go to the  Connection you role by clicking on Change adapter settings.

Step (iv): Click on your Connection NamePropertiesInternet Version Protocol (TCP/IPv4)Properties.

Step (v): After this, choose “Use the next DNS server”. Type inwards the Primary together with Secondary IP Address as well as click on OK push button to relieve the changes made. You tin get fastest DNS servers from hither.
change DNS server on windows
If y'all are planning to switch between DNS oftentimes, brand sure to function the DNS Jumper software. To run into the effects of changing DNS, you will have to even out previously- made settings. Open CMD → Type “ipconfig/flushdns” in addition to press Enter.

(ii) Change DNS Server on Mac

Step (ane): Launch the Spotlight using the shortcut (cmd+spacebar) as well as Type in Network.

Step (ii): There volition live a green dot next to the connection that you lot are currently using. Click on “Advanced Settings” hither in addition to take “DNS” inward the properties of the connectedness. Click on the Plus (+) sign.

Step (iii): Add DNS1 as well as DNS2.
change DNS server on mac
Step (4): That’second it! Now, click the Ok button to salve the changes.

(iii) Change DNS Server on Android

Step (i): Go to the Wi-Fi settings.

Step (two): Long press the Wi-Fi meshwork whose DNS you lot desire to change. Select “Modify Network”.

Step (3): Tick on “Show hidden options” as well as pick out “Static IP Address”.

Step (4): Type the refer of the server that you lot desire to add nether DNS1 as well as DNS2.
change DNS server on android
Step (v): Apply to relieve the changes!


Thus, yous tin can imagine how unproblematic is to modify DNS server address on Windows PC, Mac OS X, together with Android devices. So, the side by side time whenever you lot experience that your reckoner is slowing downwards, check this listing of fastest DNS server inward the earth to grab the best world DNS servers together with follow in a higher place mentioned slowly footstep past footstep guide in addition to change DNS server for Android, Windows together with Mac.

Please, experience costless to percentage amongst us if y'all know other uncomplicated methods to alter DNS Server on Windows, Mac, too Android smartphone or tablet.