How to Clean Install Windows XP on your Computer XP is one of the nigh popular Microsoft’second Operating System during its days. Still, many people amongst one-time together with low configuration computers are using it. In this post, I will present you lot footstep by footstep process, How y'all tin can Download together with Install Windows XP operating organization on your reckoner every bit a fresh clean installation.

Before we beginning, firstly make sure yous have a USB cause or CD-RW where you can brand a bootable Image for Windows XP. Secondly, y'all should take a calculator amongst the next Minimum System Requirements:
  • Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster (300 MHz is recommended)
  • At to the lowest degree 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (128 MB is recommended)
  • At to the lowest degree 1.five gigabytes (GB) of available infinite on the difficult disk
  • Video adapter as well as monitor amongst Super VGA (800 10 600) or higher resolution

Step i: Creating a Bootable Windows XP USB Image

  1. To make a bootable Windows XP USB or CD, Firstly y'all take to download a Windows XP ISO file. You can download it from via this link.
  2. Next, yous take to download a Bootable USB/CD creation tool link PowerISO or Rufus. Both these tools you tin download it for gratuitous at
  3. After that, y'all accept to Burn the Windows XP ISO using the above tools on your USB movement or CD-RW

Step 2: Installing Windows XP using Bootable USB effort

  1. After you take successfully created your bootable Windows XP USB or CD, at once it’second the time to boot your organisation from that.
  2. For that, you lot accept to get into your System BIOS together with Change the Boot Disk Preference to USB or CD depending upon your pick.
  3. After that, your organisation volition go Windows XP Installation Setup.
  4. Now inward the Partition Manager, you lot can Format your Hard Disk or make novel partitions.
  5. After choosing your desired segmentation the installation will commencement, It volition take around thirty to fifty Mins depending upon your organization. Your reckoner may restart several times.
  6. Please Note: During Restarts, you lot should not kicking again from your USB drive.

Step 3: Installing Drivers

Unlike today’sec Windows, Windows XP doesn’t include near of the drivers. You accept to manually download drivers from your manufacturer’sec website in addition to Install it.
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You can too software like Driver Booster, which will scan your organisation automatically as well as Install the required drivers.
 Installing Drivers

Features of Windows XP

Remote Desktop: The professional Windows XP operating organization allows the user to purpose the Remote Desktop Connection feature to sit on a estimator as well as attain remote access to another figurer.

Device Driver Recovery: This novel feature in Windows XP allows users to uninstall an installed device driver. If users install device drivers that crusade organization instability, they tin can easily revert to the previous driver.

Built-inwards CD burner: When Windows XP came along, it released the built-inwards CD burner. Now yous no longer require to install CD burning software, the user tin burn files directly through Windows Explorer.

Compatibility amongst the encrypted file organisation for multiple users: this function is designed for Windows XP Professional, the encrypted file arrangement allows y'all to access files together with folders encrypted past multiple users.

Enhanced device support: Windows XP supports USB 2.0, Intel high-Definition sound, FireWire, too Windows-based ikon scanners, etc.


Windows XP is a swell operating organization together with volition e'er stay. I promise this tutorial had helped y'all Install Windows XP on to your estimator. You tin as well download other Windows versions from our website. Also, If y'all ask whatever back up during installation, you lot tin can contact us via electronic mail or submit a query on our forums.