How to Compress Video Files without Losing Quality Compression Software – Learn how to compress video files without losing character? List of meridian five best video compression software to compress video files without losing character
If you like watching movies or videos inward High Definition, at that place is one major job in addition to that is the size. Most of the videos together with movies which are shot these days come inwards high Definition. Slow move cameras are too at once available which assistance to shoot videos in addition to movies inwards tiresome motion only add together more to the size of the video. You will go the best quality alongside these cameras, just the problem here which one has to face up is the big file size.

High Definition movies have a lot of space on the difficult disk movement as well as it will definitely become hard to buy a new hard disk each calendar month to shop the movies. Even, if yous having extra Hard disk drives or are having online storage infinite the problem will come when yous volition try to upload the video on Youtube as it will accept a toll on your net speed as well as bandwidth. The best choice which i is having here is to compress video files.
How to Compress Video Files without Losing Quality
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If y'all are wondering how to compress video files without losing character so you lot tin accept assistance of approximately useful video editing programs. Video editing programs are the software’second which will aid you lot to edit the videos, cutting them together with even compressing video files without losing lineament. There are several popular video compression software’sec and today nosotros are going to percentage amongst you lot the pinnacle 5 best software to compress video files without losing lineament.

Top v Best Video Compression Software to Compress Video Files without Losing Quality

As we all know, large video files are really rattling irksome to upload as well as download from whatever root. So, if you are looking for more or less of the about popular Video Compression tools that can significantly shrink the video file size without losing character and so this conduct going to aid you lot inward selecting the best together with multifunctional video compression software for your PC.

The prime number specialty of all these video compressor software’sec are: convert video files from any format, absolutely free together with real tardily to role, compatible with multiple operating arrangement (Windows, Mac, as well as Linux), together with much more. So, permit’s take a await at the guides of how to compress big video files without losing quality alongside these summit 5 best video compression software’second:

(one) Handbrake

Handbrake is a really one-time and well-renowned video compression software which y'all can function to compress video files. The software is available for gratis in addition to comes amongst a lot of not bad features. Using this video compressor software, users can easily change output as well as perform batch encoding, and as well filter the videos.
Handbrake is perfectly compatible alongside virtually all operating organisation like Windows, Mac, in addition to Linux. If you are wondering how to compress video files without losing lineament using Handbrake, you tin accept a expect at the quick tutorial below:

Step (i): First of all, open up the official website of Handbrake together with commencement downloading the software for your corresponding operating system.

Step (2): Once downloaded, offset the software and then locate “Search” button. You will find this button at the acme left side of this software.

Step (3): Now you have to take the file which yous desire to convert by clicking on Open push.

Step (4): From the Destination, click on Browse together with select the location where yous are planning to relieve the output video. Make certain that the format of the output video is MP4. If yous have selected whatever other video format, and then y'all won’t live able to compress video files without losing quality.

Step (v): After that, become to the section which is greyness in color equally compared to remainder of the app. You will run into v buttons here. Select Video from hither.

Step (six): Now y'all have to get to Quality too and then choose Target Size (MB). Here y'all have to get in the desired size of the file which y'all would like afterwards conversion is done.

Step (vii): Once y'all have completed all the steps, merely click on Start button which is acquaint inwards the summit of the app. That’sec it!

Thus, you lot tin easily compress big video files without losing quality using HandBrake open root video transcoder.

(two) Avidemux

Avidemux is too a popular complimentary video editor designed for uncomplicated cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. You tin can perfectly use this video compression software for compressing video files without losing lineament. The best thing alongside this free video editor is that it supports multiple file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4, too ASF, using a multifariousness of codecs.
Along with compressing video files, you lot tin use this software for cut the video clips, filtering videos, too many other operations besides. If you are performing all the steps correctly, you lot will live able to convert even an 8 GB video into a 200 MB 1. Let’sec notice out how to compress video files using Avidemux past next the steps shared below:

Step (i): At showtime, open up the official website of Avidemux by clicking this link. Select your operating system too kickoff downloading the setup file. If yous are not able to download the file from the current server, you tin can select the other mirror server.

Step (ii): Once the downloading is completed, start the installation. While installing this software, yous will live asked nigh the components which you want to install. Proceed amongst the selected components and don’t pick out whatsoever new ones every bit they are sufficient to compress video files without losing character.

Step (3): And one time installation is completed, open Start carte and the launch Avidemux.

Step (four): Now, pick out the video which y'all want to compress together with and so drag it inwards the Avidemux app window.

If y'all desire to convert more than ane video, y'all take to perform the same steps. Make certain that both the videos are inward the timeline together with are located 1 afterward the other. In gild to confirm this, y'all tin merely cheque if the timer has been increased together with it adds upwardly to the full of both the videos.

Step (ane): On the left side of the software y'all volition run into three boxes labeled, Video, Audio, too Format. Now you have to click on the drib down card which is located under Video. Select MPPEG-four AVC code from here.

Step (two): Now choose the Audio tab in addition to so from the drop downward menu, pick out AAC codec.

Step (iii): The format which yous should choose hither is MP4.

Step (4): On the meridian of the software you lot volition see Save video. Click on this icon too a box volition pop-upwards volition ask you about the location of the video where you lot want to save. Simply choose the place in addition to make certain you add together .mp4 every bit the extension of the video otherwise you won’t be able to complete the conversion.

The editing time volition depend on the size of the video as well as the hardware which is introduce in your organization. We suggest you not to affect your PC during the conversion process every bit it will accept more than fourth dimension for conversion so.

Avidemux gratuitous video editor is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. So, if you think that this video compression software is suitable to fulfill your ask of compressing video files without losing character and so download it correct like a shot.

(iii) Free Video to Flash Converter

The adjacent software to compress video files without losing lineament is Free Video to Flash converter. This tool is used by approximately of the best websites similar Hulu in addition to Youtube. Follow the steps shared below too observe out how to compress video files past using this amazing software:

Step (ane): Firstly, Download Free Video to Flash Converter on your PC using this link.

Step (ii): Once Free video to flash converter is downloaded on your organisation, you can set out the installation past opening the downloaded setup file.
free video to flash converter
Step (3): To install the software on your PC, you but take to take the place where y'all are willing to install it. Select the location as well as follow the instructions which the software is giving on the covert.

Step (4): Once the installation is consummate, showtime the software together with click on Add files push. Now choose the video files which you want to convert.

Step (five): Once you have selected the video files which yous desire to convert, y'all volition be asked to take a character in which you want to convert the videos. There volition be 2 options. Here you accept to take FLV format. Once you lot take selected the format, pick out the location where you lot want to salvage the output video later on conversion by clicking on Save to department.

Step (6): You will see a small push alongside the wand on it. Click on it to access the compression settings. If you want to maintain the same quality, yous accept to choose video bitrate ii MB/sec – iv MB/s. The audio bitrate which you have to take here is 192 kb/second. If yous want to shrink the final video size y'all tin can take 720p instead of 1080p.

Step (seven): Press the convert push button as well as the conversion procedure will be started.

Step (viii): Once the conversion is completed, y'all volition meet that quality of the video is same nonetheless the size of the video is half.

Free Video to Flash Converter fairly compatible with Windows eight, Windows 7, Windows Vista, in addition to Windows XP SP3 etc. This is 1 of the best software to resize videos without losing quality. I am using Free Video to Flash Converter from a long fourth dimension too completely happy with its features.

(iv) Virtual Dub

VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-flake as well as 64-bit Windows platforms (98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/vii), licensed nether the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is as well i of the best software to compress video files without losing lineament.
This gratuitous software is alone compatible amongst Windows operating organization together with tin as well be used for capturing videos. Follow the steps mentioned below to compress videos using Virtual Dub video compression software:

Step (ane): Virtual Dub is available for gratis. You tin download the software from this link. You have to install one codec too which is thou-Lite Codec Mega pack which will ensure that the app will function properly on your organization. You can install it by clicking on this link.

Step (two): Install the software past next the installation instructions given by the software on the cover.

Step (iii): Once the software is installed, open up it together with choose Video selection. Now choose Compress selection from here.

Step (four): A new card will be opened from the left side in addition to y'all accept to take Xvid MPEG-four Codec from hither. This codec will be present inwards the compression list.

Step (5): Select Ok in addition to so click on File together with and so Save equally. The conversion process will be started. It will accept roughly time to convert the video, simply one time the conversion is done you lot will become the video inwards same quality but inward small-scale size.

Thus, yous can meet how elementary is to compress video files without losing character using Virtual Dub gratis video capture/processing utility.

(5) Windows Movie Maker

Undoubtedly, Windows Movie Maker is the best video compression software which makes to our direct of how to compress large video files without losing lineament. The software is developed past Microsoft too is available for Windows operating organisation entirely.
windows movie maker
If you are using Windows, Windows Movie Maker is the most appropriate software to compress video files without losing quality. Follow the steps shared below to convert your videos into pocket-size size using Windows Movie maker:

Step (ane): Windows Movie Maker is installed on virtually of the computers. If it is non installed on your automobile, download it from here in addition to install it on your PC.

Step (two): Now open up Start menu and and then get to All Programs together with take Windows Movie Maker to open up it.

Step (three): Click on Import option together with select the video which yous desire to convert.

Step (four): Select the video which is highlighted in blue colour together with driblet it on the timeline.

Step (five): Now click on File pick in addition to and so pick out Save Movie selection. Click on My reckoner as well as and then Next.

Step (vi): Enter the advert for the output video file together with likewise pick out the location where you lot desire to relieve it. Click on Next selection.

Step (7): Now click on Show more than choices as well as and so go to Other settings. From hither you lot accept to take Video From broadband (512 kbps) every bit it will turn over yous the best conversion possible.

Step (viii): Click on Next push too conversion procedure will live started. Once the conversion is completed, click on the Finish button.

That’sec it. You take successfully converted video into minor size using Windows Movie Maker. I’ve likewise written a detailed tutorial nearly Windows Movie Creator App, y'all tin can read from hither.


In guild to relieve roughly difficult disk space on your reckoner, yous can e'er resize videos without losing lineament. We promise that our take of how to compress big video files without losing character has helped y'all.

Let us know using the comments section below – which video compression software did you used for compressing video files? According to yous, which is the best software to compress video files without losing lineament?