How to Disable Automatic Updates in Office Office Update – Learn how to disable automatic updates inwards Office? Top 3 methods to disable automatic updates in Office, Disable role  update
We are all acquainted with the Microsoft Office updates which every fourth dimension brings roughly actually cool too every bit slow to function features. Likewise, Office is the latest edition of Microsoft Office and needless to order that it is equally awesome as its predecessors. With lots of different customization options, Microsoft Office 2016 has too overcome few glitches which y'all faced inwards its previous editions.

Not exclusively this, you lot accept e'er come up across Windows besides as Office updates which are launched every fourth dimension a põrnikas is fixed! With each update, there are several bugs that become fixed as well as at times, it besides plant every bit a safety solution. This is what makes it necessary for you to never ignore whatever of the Microsoft Office updates.
How to Disable Automatic Updates in Office
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In the meanwhile, not all new updates are focused at bringing in novel features and you may not always desire to update your Microsoft Office parcel simply similar that! It is too possible that sometimes these updates tin ruin your entire feel. Hence, you lot may detect yourself inward situations when y'all postulate to disable automatic updates! If y'all take likewise experienced this alongside Microsoft Office 2016 update, you are almost likely looking for options to disable Office 2016 automatic updates.

Top 3 Methods to Disable Automatic Updates in Office 2016

Before proceeding to effort below-explained step past step methods, approximately of the well-nigh of import things you lot involve to know are that these methods are applicable for solely to the Microsoft Office 2016 installed every bit role of Office 365 subscription besides equally the one-time buy of Office 2016 (either from the retail shop or online).

So, if yous are now prepare to disable Office 2016 updates and then here are three best ways using which y'all tin can disable automatic updates in Office 2016. Let’s know how to plow off automatic updates:

Method 1: Using In- Built Option of Windows

If you lot are using Windows ten operating system on your PC, you lot can detect the solution of how to disable automobile update for Office 2016 real easily. This setting is available across the previous versions of Windows OS besides. In social club to disable Microsoft Office 2016 automatic updates:

Step (i): First of all, press Win + I keys together in addition to get to the selection “Update as well as Security”.

Step (two): After this, expand the department of “Windows Update”.

Step (three): You will run across “Advanced Options” button here, Click on it.

Step (4): Now yous take to uncheck the choice “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”.
How to Disable Automatic Updates in Office
Step (five): That’second it! You have successfully disabled the automatic updates.

By next the to a higher place steps, y'all take successfully disabled Office 2016 update as well as y'all are good to become directly!! The side by side fourth dimension when Windows volition live searching for updates, it volition ignore all the updates that are available for other Windows products.

And if you lot are using some other version of Windows like Windows viii.i, Windows viii, and Windows 7 operating arrangement etc. then the procedure of disabling automatic updates for Office 2016 is piddling unlike. For Windows vii, viii and viii.ane versions, the method to detect the same pick is as follows:

Step (1): At start, get to the Control Panel → Open “Windows Update” settings.

Step (ii): Go to “Change Settings” selection on the left side.

Step (three): The side by side concealment volition have an option proverb “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”. Simply, uncheck this check box to disable Office 2016 automatic updates.
How to Disable Automatic Updates in Office
Thus, you lot tin can see how simple is to disable automatic updates inwards Microsoft Office 2016.

Method 2: Using In-Built Option of Office 2016

Office 2016 update comes with several new features together with in that location is ample range for improvement likewise. This is not a brand new choice for blocking updates, merely y'all can easily use it to disable automatic updates. In order to function this specific method of how to disable automobile update inward Office 2016, follow the below steps:

Step (one): Open whatever Microsoft Office production such equally Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.

Step (2): Click on “File” push button → Go to “Account” or “Office Account” department.

Step (iii): You will come across another choice “Office Updates” here. By default, it is ready to “Enable Updates”.

Step (4): Click on the “Update Options” button here and pick out “Disable Updates” from the drib- downward menu.
How to Disable Automatic Updates in Office
Disabling car-updates using the inwards-built option of Microsoft Office 2016 is also ane of the nigh preferred ways, so if y'all are not happy amongst the get-go method then y'all can role this simplest method.

Method 3: Using DoNotSpy

DoNotSpy is a gratis software for Windows 10 using which you lot can disable automatic updates in Office 2016 without whatever difficulty. Using this software, you can disable all the things which Microsoft gathers from its users of Windows x. You tin disable your location, disable Microsoft Office 2016 update as well as likewise disable the password let out push.
How to Disable Automatic Updates in Office
You tin can use this push button further by downloading DoNotSpy software for your Windows 10 PC. After this, open the window of DoNotSpy app and await out for the selection here that says “Disable Windows Update for Other Products”. Check the checkbox which is contrary to this option together with then click on “Apply” push button. Doing this volition change the setting automatically in addition to at that place is too no call for to restart your PC later.


So, these are the top 3 simplest ways using which y'all tin disable automatic updates inwards Office 2016. All these methods volition perfectly cease the automatic updates which y'all were getting inwards your Microsoft office 2016. Try out these methods to disable automatic updates Office 2016 and portion your feel alongside us!