How to Disable or Uninstall OneDrive from Windows 10 x Uninstall OneDrive – Learn how to disable or uninstall OneDrive from Windows ten PC? Top iii methods to completely disable or withdraw OneDrive from Windows ten computers
Online Cloud storage is the new manner to continue data on the become. There are many cloud storage services available in the marketplace and ane of the best services is OneDrive past Microsoft. With Windows x you go OneDrive preinstalled in the OS allowing ane to easily save all the information without installing any application. While there are people who are happy alongside preinstalled OneDrive app inwards Windows x, about don’t use it at all.

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How to Disable or Uninstall OneDrive from Windows 10
If you lot are using whatsoever other cloud storage service or don’t desire to role OneDrive y'all tin easily uninstall OneDrive from Windows x. There are unlike methods which y'all can follow if you desire to uninstall or cover OneDrive inwards Windows x as well as today nosotros are going to share peak three almost active methods amongst you lot.

Top three Methods to Disable or Uninstall OneDrive from Windows x

Unlike all earlier Windows operating systems, OneDrive comes installed amongst Windows ten operating system too. But if y'all don’t role OneDrive on your Windows x PC in addition to likewise don’t desire it running in the background, at that place are diverse methods which can be used to completely disable or uninstall OneDrive in Windows 10 as well as become rid of it everywhere inwards your PC.

So, let’second take a expect at the stride past pace methods to completely withdraw OneDrive from Windows ten computers:

Method one: Hide or Disable OneDrive from Windows ten using Local Group Policy Editor

The procedure of disabling OneDrive from Windows 10 or Windows ten take OneDrive is quite unproblematic too y'all haven’t to do whatever complex changes. Here’second how to disable OneDrive from Windows 10 using Local Group Policy Editor:

Step (ane): First of all, y'all take to open up the Run dialog box. Press Windows + R keys together as well as the Run dialog box volition popular upwardly on your cover.

Step (ii): Now y'all take to type GPedit.msc. Hit the Enter primal as well as and so select Ok. From here you accept to pick out Local Group Policy Editor.

Step (3): Once you lot have opened the Local Group Policy Editor, get to Local Computer Policy → Computer configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → One Drive.
Hide or Disable OneDrive from Windows ten using Local Group Policy Editor
Step (four): Now get to the correct pane. From here you take to double click on i policy. The policy which y'all have to take is Prevent the utilization of OneDrive for file storage.
disable onedrive windows 10
Step (v): Choose the Enabled choice from here. Once y'all have selected, click on the Apply push button too so OK. It’second done.

This volition disable the OneDrive image from the File Explorer. Along alongside it, you take as well disabled OneDrive inwards Windows ten

Method 2: Hide or Remove OneDrive from Windows x Navigation Pane

You might take noticed that OneDrive is likewise acquaint inward the navigation pane of your Windows 10. You tin easily take OneDrive from Windows ten navigation pane past following the guide shared below:

Step (one): Firstly, yous accept to open the Run dialog box. Press Windows + R keys together in addition to the Run dialog box will popular upward on your concealment.

Step (ii): Now you lot have to type RedEdit.exe inward the Run window in addition to Hit the Enter primal. Registry editor volition live opened on your calculator which volition assist y'all to uninstall OneDrive inwards Windows 10 navigation panel.

Step (three): Now y'all call for to get to a registry primal amongst address:
Step (four): Once y'all accept open this registry key you lot necessitate to alter i information value. Select System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree too change its subkey value to 0.
Hide or Remove OneDrive from Windows x Navigation Pane
Step (five): Once you have made the changes, restart File Explorer window. You will run into that OneDrive is non present inward the navigation pane.

This is some other simple fashion to disable OneDrive from Windows ten computers.

Method three: Uninstall OneDrive from Windows x using Command Prompt

This is the 3rd together with the final method which you lot tin follow to uninstall OneDrive from Windows x. You won’t be able to manually take away OneDrive inwards windows 10. To disable OneDrive from windows 10 y'all take to function a prepare of commands.

Step (one): At offset, open up control prompt with administrative privileges on your Windows ten PC.

Step (3): Once the Windows Command Prompt appeared on your computer concealment, forthwith come in the command given below which will disable all the OneDrive tasks running on your computer.

taskkill /f /im OneDrive.exe

Step (four): And afterward that, get into the following command according to the version of Windows you are using.

If you are using Windows x 32-scrap edition, come in this command:

%SystemRoot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall

If y'all are using Windows x 64-bit edition, get in this control:

%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall

Once you take initiated all the above-mentioned commands, Windows ten uninstall OneDrive process will live completed. You won’t get whatever notification near Windows ten withdraw OneDrive still if you lot volition search for Onedrive y'all won’t observe whatsoever app.
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So, these are the height iii about useful methods which yous tin can use to uninstall OneDrive from Windows x. If you lot are facing any problems or are non able to take OneDrive from Windows x PC, you lot can clear your doubts using the comments department below.

Also, allow us know – Which method of completely disabling or uninstalling OneDrive inwards Windows x yous liked the near?