How to Download and Install Windows 8 Step-by-Step Tutorial running Windows 8 Professional permit users to function assistive technology (AT) software from specialty Assistive Technology vendors. Select the convenience of the Access push inward the lower-left corner of your covert, or press the Windows logo fundamental, to choose the settings for your PC that you lot but desire to have available whenever it starts. Learn more than in the uncomplicated Access.
How to Download and Install Windows 8 step by step proces

Download too Install Windows 8

Functions of Windows eight

The narrator and affect-enabled devices

By default bear upon-entirely devices, the Narrator is often launched by simply belongings downward the Windows logo button in addition to pressing the quantity Up push button. Once the Narrator is running, you’ll role the Narrator’second built-in impact commands to explore the screen too control your device. There also are just about novel configuration options for the Narrator inwards Windows 8. The user can select ane amongst several voices.
  • Change the speed at which the Narrator speaks, make customizable keyboard commands, in addition to specify many other settings to agree your preferences.
  • Depending upon what device you lot function, in addition to the mode yous configure accessibility utilities thereon device, at that place are different ways to kickoff Narrator. These are the three shortcuts many of us prefer:
  • On the sign-in screen, press the Windows logo key +U or click the convenience of the access push inwards the lower-left corner, and so select Narrator.
  • On a keyboard, press the Windows logo cardinal +Enter.
  • On a impact-entirely device, concur down the Windows logo push button together with press the quantity Up button

Magnifier in addition to touch-enabled devices

Magnifier may live a tool that enlarges your concealment, or portions of your cover, making words as well as pictures easier to ascertain. For users alongside low vision who accept trouble seeing their devices, Magnifier makes it easier to ascertain the covert as well as affect it as well.
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If you role a impact-enabled device you tin can control the Magnifier from the sides of your screen. To offset Magnifier on a touch on-enabled device y'all initially will become to designate Magnifier because of the starting time choice when pressing the Windows logo push button Volume upwardly inward the elementary Access settings.

Ease of Access

Windows offers several programs as well as settings which will make the pc easier too easier to use. This tells yous ways to seek out together with detect out accessibility options whether yous purpose a mouse and keyboard, or a touch on-enabled reckoner.
How to Download and Install Windows 8 step by step proces

Install Window 8 Step-by-Step Process

Make your PC easier to use

There’sec no unmarried best way to observe your PC. Everyone works differently and so Windows 8 provides a spread of the manner to alter your settings so y'all’ll role your PC the manner yous would like.

Here are the settings you lot volition notice on the convenience of Access page
  • High contrast: If it’sec difficult to read text on your cover, you lot’ll alter the subject of your PC to a color combination that’second easier to read.
  • Big cover size: If things on your covert are likewise small to read, you’ll role this setting to magnify everything on the covert.
  • Pressing Windows+Volume Up: First, choose a setting (Narrator, Magnifier, or On-Screen Keyboard), and then plough it on alongside a fast press of the Windows logo button too Volume Up push button together.
  • Show notifications: If you discover that notifications look together with disappear besides quickly, y'all’ll modify how long they’re visible—then you lot’ve got fourth dimension to read as well as react to them.
  • Cursor thickness: If the cursor is merely besides small-scale for you lot and hard to identify on the cover, function this setting to vary its thickness.

Personalize your PC

If y'all pass tons of your fourth dimension using your PC, yous’ll make it reverberate who yous’re and what yous attention near. Make yourself reception on the beginning cover too conform it to your liking. Create tiles for your favorite people or websites in addition to drag them anywhere you lot desire—or put like tiles inwards their grouping.

With Windows, y'all’ll brand your PC your own.

Change your background, colors, together with business relationship motion-picture show

In Windows eight as well as Windows RT, in that location are a dyad of novel places to signal out your favorite pictures as well as colors.
  • On the first screen, you lot tin change the background and colour.
  • The background shows up exclusively on Start, but the color yous choose shows upwardly during a few other places besides, simply like the charms too hence the sign-inward covert. 
  • The user tin besides confirm in that location is a favorite photograph waiting to greet you on your lock cover together with select a distich of apps to point out your info as well as updates you lot mightiness take missed patch your PC was locked. And you lot’ll add together or so excitement to your business relationship moving picture — if yous accept a webcam, the user tin can create a video clip to purpose rather than a photograph.
  • Or if the user has got photo editing apps, y'all can use them to feature about finishing touches to a photograph.

Standard Process of Downloading Windows 8

  • Get a Windows 8 CD
  • After restarting your computer, starting time pressing the BIOS primal
  • Next, search for the “Boot Order section, and select your estimator’second CD Driver.