How to insert the degree symbol in Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS organization these days are more often than not used for two major purposes, ane is using the arrangement for documentation too the other is using it for coding. The bulk of the common user uses the organization for documentation purposes. Now at that place are a lot of possibilities in which the call for for the mutual homo to use sure symbols to write a document. The biggest requirement is the search for or so symbols that aren’t available inwards the normal keyboard. One such symbol is the level symbol. The level symbol is one of the nigh usually looked upwardly symbols.
How to Type ° Degree Symbol or Sign on Mac and Windows

Type ° Degree Symbol or Sign on Mac, iOS, as well as Windows
The grade symbol is a rattling useful tool when y'all are documenting mathematical papers and numbers. The role of the grade symbol is and so scarce that it isn’t quite slow to locate the symbol in the normal keyboard. The normal keyboard doesn’t accept the level symbol inwards-built into it. You call for to brand certain efforts to actually enter the grade. This article volition mainly comprehend up the ways in which you lot tin can get in the grade symbol inward Windows, Mac systems, Android phones as well as also equally iOS devices.
Let’sec go started.

In Windows

When it comes to windows at that place is ever a lot of ways inward which the degree symbol tin can be entered into the document. The ways which are mentioned below are quite easy to employ in addition to won’t take much of your fourth dimension.
How to insert the degree symbol on Windows 10

Insert the Degree Symbol on Windows x
We are a rattling fast-paced generation in addition to patience is something which nosotros lack a lot. That’sec why all the computers operate on keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut to insert the grade symbol inward windows is equally follows.

ALT + 0176

How to use Alt + Numbers in Keyboard

Windows together with Mac ALT Codes and Symbols

ALT + 248

All y'all postulate to make is hold downward the alt cardinal inward the keyboard and press the numbers inward sequence equally mentioned in a higher place. The biggest disadvantage amongst this method is that y'all would postulate a issue of the keypad to make the task. The number keypad inward the premier finish laptops has been removed to brand them wait small-scale together with sleek. One more than matter is that you take to make certain that the num lock is not active or else you would live merely typing random keys on the keyboard.


In windows, near of the documentation happens inwards the word document. This means that the word document must definitely take a provision in which you tin get into the degree symbol. All you ask to do is to become choose the insert pick and take the symbols options.
How to insert the degree symbol in Windows

Insert the Degree Symbol in Windows
Once y'all are done alongside that a dialogue box amongst a lot of symbols will appear. Out of which you lot call for to locate the degree symbol as well as past clicking on the symbol the level symbol volition seem where y'all had left the cursor. The side by side time you lot desire to move into the degree symbol, just re-create-glue the symbol to brand the task easier.

Customizing selection

The keyboard that yous purpose tin live customized according to your preference. All you necessitate to do is select the customization cardinal and pick out the control that yous desire to execute too assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle the degree symbol. Click on assign and shut in addition to y'all are proficient to become. Next fourth dimension you experience like inserting the degree symbol simply type inward the shortcut keys that you had assigned earlier.

Character Map App

This 1 of the very concluding resort I would take because sometimes nosotros may live inwards a state of affairs where we postulate to function on a different platform other than a give-and-take to execute the level symbol. That fourth dimension this really application will come inwards handy. Download the Character Map App. This application tin be constitute inwards the starting time bar. Just type inward the bring up as well as click on download. When the application is installed, click on the application and search for the level symbol too pose it inward the characters to re-create and you lot can use it inwards whatever document you are currently working on.

In Mac systems

The mac organisation besides has certain keyboard shortcuts to go in the grade symbol. The mac arrangement has 2 major keyboard shortcuts you can function.
How to Type Degree Temperature Symbol in Mac OS XInsert Degree Symbol inwards Mac OS X
Option + yard    Option + Shift + 8

In Pages

The documentation software inward mac organisation is Pages. You tin add together the degree symbol inward pages past following these uncomplicated steps.

Insert –> symbols.

This will open a small-scale pane inwards the correct-manus corner of your organization as well as from in that location y'all tin can pick out the degree symbol.

In Android

Android keyboards are a boon when it comes to customizations. You tin download a lot of applications from the play shop only anyway, the ways in which you lot tin can go in the level symbol within the android keyboard are of many kinds. I’ll be discussing the meridian type inwards which y'all tin really go into the grade symbol.
  1. Go to the numerical keyboard.
  2. Select the =/< option inwards the numerical keyboard.
  3. From that keyboard choose the degree symbol.

In iOS

In iOS, it’second quite simple to come in the degree symbol. Open the numerical keyboard and in that press the 0 buttons for a few seconds as well as in that location volition be a floating popular-upwards which will accept the degree symbol. Select that together with the level symbol volition become added onto the covert where the cursor is placed.
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There are a lot of customized ways inward which y'all tin can move into the level symbol in Windows and Android. But the selection when it comes to apple tree is actually less because apple never believes in tertiary- party applications.
Hope the above tips to move into the grade symbol is useful to y'all in addition to hope you lot make the best purpose of it.