How to Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality ikon without losing quality – Learn how to trim down picture size without losing quality on Windows, Mac, Android, online, as well as WordPress? Compress mass images using ikon compressor software
The images which y'all click amongst your smartphone consume a lot of storage space inwards your devices. Even, a single ikon which is captured by the normal smartphone tin can easily take upwards to five MB of space. So, y'all can easily imagine what would be the state of affairs if y'all accept pictures from the smartphone with the 41-megapixel camera.

This volition atomic number 82 to a cost on the infinite you lot are having, fifty-fifty if y'all are trying to make your backup together with salvage it on the online cloud and so it will take a lot of fourth dimension. But at that place’sec nada to live afraid of at this storage infinite outcome. You can easily resize images without losing character. Compressing ikon size will aid yous inward saving a lot of space as well as too y'all can upload all the images much faster together with easily.
reduce image size without losing quality
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There are plenty of methods which can live used to compress volume images without losing character. In today’s Image resizing take, we are going to part all the possible methods alongside you to trim back image size without losing character on Windows, Mac, Android, Online, too WordPress.

Methods to Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality

Unlimited interesting ways of reducing picture size are available on the web, just entirely real few of them offers the active features to compress multiple images immediately for gratis. This is the master reason, we have constructed this gratis icon compression direct which explains dissimilar methods to resize mass images without losing character.

So, if yous are likewise 1 of them who want to go rid of this storage space past resizing images and then cheque out the below-explained methods to reduce ikon size without losing character:

Method i: Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality on Windows

This is the offset method which makes to our lead of how to cut back image size without losing lineament. We are going to take assistance of a program called FileOptimizer. FileOptimizer is an advanced picture compressor software that helps you to resize ikon without losing lineament. The software comes with several recompressions, optimization techniques and as well supports more than that 200+ file formats.
reduce image size without losing quality on Windows
In lodge to function FileOptimizer software, solely y'all take to pick out the images which yous desire to compress and drib them inward the software window. Once the files are dropped select compress all choice together with the sometime images will be replaced alongside the novel compressed ones.

FileOptimizer is fairly compatible amongst all the versions of Windows (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows eight, Windows x operating system). While installing this icon compressor software, brand sure that at least 32 Mb of costless retentivity in addition to fifty Mb of disk space available on your Windows PC.

Method two: Reduce Image without Losing Quality on Mac

If y'all are using Mac operating arrangement, y'all mightiness be wondering how to cut down picture size without losing lineament. If this is correct, y'all tin can accept aid of ImageOptin. Basically, ImageOptin is a costless app for Mac which is peculiarly designed to compress bulk images without affecting the character.
reduce image size without losing quality on Mac
ImageOptim perfectly optimizes all the compression parameters, removes junk metadata too unnecessary color profiles. The latest ImageOptim supports Mac OS X in addition to all higher versions.

In society to role ImageOptin, just select the source where the images which you want to compress are introduce as well as and so click on compress push. ImageOptin ikon compressor software will do its go and volition compress icon without losing character. The compression charge per unit of this software is approximately 13%.

Method three: Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality on Android

The side by side method which we are going to portion is for Android. Cram is android software which yous can purpose on your android smartphones in addition to tablets to compress icon without losing lineament. This image compressor app is the perfect way to shrink pictures on your Android device without compromising the actual display/impress dimensions, resolution, or beauty of your photo files.
reduce image size without losing quality on Android
The images tin can live compressed to sixty% with the help of this app. Cram provides y'all an pick to salvage the images which you accept uploaded to a novel folder or to the root folder replacing the old images. One of the best things most this software is that in that location are sharing options. You tin can percentage the images which you take compressed via applications similar Gmail together with many others.
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Method iv: Decrease Image Size without Losing Quality Online

If you lot don’t want to install whatever 3rd political party icon compressor software on your PC too looking for more or less nigh appropriate ways to compress images online without losing quality, y'all would be happy to know that there are many websites which assist inwards compression of the images. But is real particular from them. is a good-known in addition to rattling slowly to use icon compression tool that offers many helpful options to cut down ikon size without losing lineament. The principal focus of this online tool is on maintaining high lineament alongside virtually no deviation before too later compression.
reduce image size without losing quality online
The service provides adept results as the compression rates are equally high equally sixty% using this service. You are exclusively permitted to add ane icon at a time which is a downside of this service. So if you desire to compress bulk images, is not the service for you lot. The website allows y'all to save the compressed images to your dropbox or Google crusade account.

Method v: Reduce Image Size without Losing Quality on WordPress

We purpose images inward all the web log posts nosotros write on WordPress blogs. If the images which we upload direct are of big size then it will non only increase the load speed but also the disk infinite on the host. To trim down file sizes for images in WordPress, yous can have assist of a WordPress plugin called EWWW Image Optimizer.
reduce image size without losing quality in WordPress
The EWWW Image Optimizer is one of the best plugins for WordPress websites to compress the images. It automatically optimizes your images every bit yous upload them to your weblog. Even, it tin can also optimize the images that y'all accept already uploaded on your web log.

You only take to download and install this plugin together with balance of the go will live done by EWWW Image Optimizer. Activate it as well as it volition first compressing the images which are already uploaded on the spider web server. The compression charge per unit is around x% of this software.


We promise that forthwith yous know the exact process of how to compress images without losing character on your android device, estimator and on the spider web. Let us know using the comments department below – Which icon compressor software or service are yous using to trim down picture size without losing quality in addition to salvage infinite on your PC or Smartphone?