Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads alternative – Learn what is ZbigZ and what are approximately best features of ZbigZ? Top half dozen ZbigZ alternatives for high speed torrent downloads & sites like ZbigZ
Torrent clients are specially important for people who are engaged inward downloading videos together with other heavy media from the cyberspace. Everyone these days searches for the fastest also equally nigh reliable torrent client. ZbigZis 1 such very cool torrent client which offers high speed downloading service that as well without compromising the privacy of the user.
Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads
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For people who are looking for something more than or equally incredible equally ZbigZ, you volition be excited to know that in that location are lots of ZbigZ alternatives for high-speed torrent downloads available on the net. Before getting started to talk over these ZbigZ alternatives, permit us have a look at what just ZbigZ is together with some of its of import features.

What is ZbigZ? And what are its Uses?

For those of y'all who are not still aware of this complimentary torrent customer, ZbigZ is a cloud-based service which helps y'all to go along your private files (backups, photos, video, etc) inward a safe home in addition to upload them from anywhere.

ZbigZ runs across all spider web browsers, hence making it possible for all users to skip the footstep of downloading whatsoever software. Using ZbigZ, you lot tin can as well resume the downloading of your favourite media precisely from where you paused it piece too keeping all browsing information secure together with protected at all times.

Simply it tin be said, ZbigZ is a premium cloud storage service which allows yous to download Torrent files amongst IDM (Internet Download Manager). The file which you desire to download by IDM is first of all downloaded on ZbigZ server in addition to so they render you latest 100% working in addition to fast straight links to your torrent links.

Important Features of ZbigZ

If you are novel to ZbigZ too desire to know well-nigh its of import features and then hither are approximately nearly valuable features of ZbigZ:
  • Users demand non register themselves earlier starting to role this torrent customer.

  • There is no necessitate for whatever software download.

  • At no point of time, there is the call for to mail, upload or percentage your personal files.

  • You tin also break the downloading at whatsoever desired signal of fourth dimension too so resume it from that indicate.

  • Your personal account on ZbigZ volition assist in keeping all the torrents at i home.

  • Zbigz is compatible amongst all web browsers.

  • You tin can too download files in mass using ZbigZ.

  • The hidden IP Address characteristic protects your privacy during all times.

  • There are no meshing or software restrictions

ZbigZ Alternatives for High-Speed Torrent Downloads

Below explained all alternatives to ZbigZ are good pop amid the people for offer around really real high-speed torrent downloading facilities. So, if y'all are ane of them who mean that your torrent download speeds could do amongst a nifty boost so these are more or less splendid ZbigZ alternatives which you can function inwards society to become the highest download speeds.

So, let’s take a expect at the list of pinnacle 6 ZbigZ alternatives in addition to take hold of the best service to download torrent files sufficiently faster:

(1) Bitport

When it comes to searching exact powerful sites similar ZbigZ, inward such state of affairs Bitport is always on the height of the list. Bitport is a pop ZbigZ alternative which enables direct torrent downloads and also has the extended feature of cloud storage. Using BITPORT, you can non only download torrents; rather you can as well direct current them from any device that you are using.
Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads
Its SSL encryption protection hides all your online activeness from your Internet access provider. Interrupted service, torrent caching, downloading torrents by IDM too DOWNTHEMALL Firefox addon are roughly of the important features of this ZbigZ option. Simply, Bitport is the virtually appropriate style to download torrents to your cloud in addition to play them online.

(2) FileStream

FileStream is i of the best ZbigZ alternatives which is provided for gratuitous of toll in addition to offers lineament service along amongst cracking download speed. Using this ZbigZ alternative, you lot can download more than than one GB torrents. You tin also upload your torrent files to Filestream for caching them inwards a real brusque menstruum of time.
Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads
FileStream ensures user’second privacy and likewise enables you to re-create together with glue Magnet links. There are both complimentary as well as premium accounts available for all users.

(three) is some other popular and best alternative for ZbigZ. It is rattling fast in addition to tardily to function along alongside no limitation on the download speed. For its premium users, it offers 100 GB bandwidth and also allows them to create backups from everywhere on the cyberspace.
Optimum usability is ensured past its responsive layout which can be used across all mobile together with PC operating organisation platforms.

(4) FilesLoop

FilesLoop is nevertheless some other best option to ZbigZ which is really fast too costless to role. There is no download speed limitation too at that place is monthly/tri – monthly as well every bit half- yearly premium packages available. And if nosotros have a look at its prices, it is very slowly to find that FilesLoop is the cheapest of the lot. So, simply FilesLoop is really a rattling suitable ZbigZ choice for you.
Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads

(five) Offcloud

Offcloud is undoubtedly the best option for ZbigZ and its responsive user interface is definitely worth praising. You tin instantly download torrents at high speed across all your mobile devices and PC irrespective of their operating organization. Resume back up, fast speed, secure connection in addition to comparatively cheaper premium versions are more or less of the summation points of Offcloud.
Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads

(six) Putdrive

If you are looking for more than like sites like ZbigZ, then Putdrive is likewise a corking option which keeps the user’second identity anonymous as well as is incredibly fast too. Downloading half dozen GB files, confidentiality, as well as IP protection are some of its cardinal features. Download speed amongst Putdrive is simply awesome and it supports more than than 90 file sharing sites likewise equally Torrents.
Top 6 ZbigZ Alternatives for High Speed Torrent Downloads


We promise, your search for similar sites similar ZbigZ ends here together with you can select any ZbigZ alternatives for high-speed torrent downloads from this direct. All these alternatives will deliver the same feel yous were getting on ZbigZ.

Feel complimentary to portion your opinion amongst us using the comments department below – Which ZbigZ alternatives are you lot using to become high-speed torrent downloads? In our upcoming conduct, we will present yous “how to get ZbigZ premium account for costless”. So delight remain connected alongside us too proceed sharing your thoughts via comments.