YourPhone.exe process in Windows 10: What Is It & How to Stop It is an app (basically Microsoft app) that tin can synchronize our Windows ten Computer or Laptop with Android or iOS phones. Using this app users tin easily sync their photos (other media files as well) together with messages across Windows ten, their android devices, and Apple devices. For that, they take to use the same Microsoft business relationship both on the call up, together with their Windows PC. Otherwise, it is not possible.

YourPhoneServer.exe is besides a office of Microsoft Your Phone. It is developed past Microsoft Corporation according to the YourPhoneServer.exe version information. There are no anti-virus scanners in VirusTotal which can written report anything malevolent virtually YourPhoneServer.exe. But this YourPhoneServer.exe is naturally located inward the C:/ effort. The working rule of this server is something unlike from YourPhone.exe. To larn more nearly Check your Laptops as well as PC Compatibility alongside Windows 10, driblet downwardly to our page for the detailed insights.

Explanation of YourPhone.exe

  • YourPhone.exe is a rattling useful app but it is such a background app that it can live easily overlooked past the users if they do non send whatsoever messages from their Windows 10 desktop. 
  • But i more than of import thing is at that place. This app may harm or destroy a niggling fleck of users’ RAM if they are not aware of it. But roughly solutions are too there for solving this kind of job.

Restore PC Repair Tool may live beneficial for fixing various PC related problem:

For solving common error related problems this software volition live very beneficial. This protects users from file loss (which is real much essential for whatsoever users), failure of their hardware, whatever sort of malware. This software besides optimizes their Computer or Laptop too helps for its maximum functioning. Users tin ready these PC problems and viruses by following 3 steps:

  •, users accept to download the Restore PC Repair Tool. 
  • They take to click on the get-go push to scan for finding out Windows issues that could be creating the PC problems.
  • After that, they have to click on the Repair All push for fixing issues amongst Technologies (Patented Technologies).
What is YourPhone.exe process in Windows 10? Do I remove it?

Some users don’t know about YourPhone.exe. They go wondered past knowing the working of this app inward Windows 10. This YourPhone app always sends notification from user mobiles to their desktop (Windows 10). But it is usually non a dangerous program.

There is a Microsoft app that synchronizes windows ten amongst Android phones that is the UWP app (Universal Windows Platform) which is included with Windows10.

Some beneficial characters are as well at that place that’second why users purpose this app till right away. It can sync their photos across their apple mobile, Windows ten (Computer or Laptop), Android too. It is as well helpful for sending SMS from a user laptop or PC. Thus, it combines alongside Windows as well as mobiles of the users. Which is a really much essential feature for a user. 

  • Now, in that location is a enquiry ever raised. Is it a virus? Or non?
  • How tin can we plough off this procedure?
  • How tin we take away the app?

Here is the explanation

We tin can easily plough off this YourPhone procedure. Because it will destroy around of the portions of RAM. So if somebody wants every bit per their demand they tin terminate this app procedure alongside the process of UWP (a common app platform, Universal Windows Platform) app. The following are the processes for how they can do this easily.

  • Firstly, users must open their Windows 10 search box past pressing Windows Key +south.
  • Then they have to get in inwards the Background apps tab.
  • For the opening, settings click on the app (Background apps).
  • Then scroll downward the app (YourPhone).
  • Next they have to plough off the YourPhone pick by clicking the toggle switch. 
  • Then settings must take to live unopen past the users.
  • At terminal, restart the Windows in one case. 

We can too take the app from the windows. That’sec why users accept to uninstall this app so that this app does non harm RAM anymore. But they tin can not uninstall this app past using their settings because it is an inwards-built app inwards Windows 10.

At showtime, they have to take away any kinds of PC problems past running out a scanner with a Restore Repair Tool for finding errors; which errors boring downwardly computers or laptops. After the scanning process, repairing volition kickoff as well as then replace the damaged files alongside a fresh 1.

How to stop Yourphone.exe process in Windows 10 .

So, if users want to uninstall then it volition live done from PowerShell.

The procedure is as follows:

  • At beginning, Cortana’sec search box has to be opened by the users.
  • Then click the keyword PowerShell in the search box.
  • They take to click Windows PowerShell (past correct-click) for opening its context card, too so take the Run pick equally administrator option.
  • After that, they accept to enter the Get-AppxPackage Microsoft. (YourPhone -All Users) together with too take the AppxPackage which is in PowerShell together with and then click on the Return central.
  • At final restart one time afterward uninstalling the YourPhone app from windows.

YourPhone.exe is such a file that is executable in addition to it tin connect users’ phones to Windows ten too allow them to brand phone calls over the Internet very easily. It is an authorized Microsoft process together with it is non a malware. That’s why it does not harm any users’ computers or laptops. So till immediately, it is preferable past the users.

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What is the YourPhone.exe process in Windows ten

We promise that y'all are satisfied alongside the data we have delivered to y'all. If yous are a Windows user too you lot still do non accept Windows ten, and so you lot should know well-nigh the YourPhone.exe procedure in Windows ten every bit it helps y'all work your operating arrangement faster together with more smoothly. Also, it is extremely handy too slowly to part. Download Windows ten ISO together with proceed your operating arrangement upwards-to-appointment. If you have any queries inwards learning almost the YourPhone.exe process inwards Windows 10 you can drib down your concern inwards the comment section together with we volition become back alongside the solution inward minimum fourth dimension.