How to Block Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10 Have you lot always wished to block Microsoft Edge Browser inwards Windows ten operating organisation or disable Microsoft Edge inward Windows ten reckoner?

We all know that amongst the novel version of Windows operating organisation, Microsoft brings a lot of new things. With Windows ten, Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge which is the default browser from right away on inwards all the Windows operating organization. Microsoft developed Edge browser so that websites were able to charge faster or make the issues which were introduce in Internet Explorer.

The replacement of Internet Explorer volition be available in all the versions of Windows 10 operating arrangement. Microsoft Edge browser was besides available inwards the Insider version of Windows x. There were many requests for novel features and fixes later on a lot of people tested Microsoft Edge inwards Windows x Preview build.

There is no incertitude that Microsoft Edge browser comes with a lot of amazing novel features merely all the same a lot of people don’t similar this browser. Other browsers similar Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox come up amongst many amazing features which are nevertheless not available in Microsoft Edge browser. If you don’t want to use edge browser as well as you lot are too non happy later setting it everywhere as the default browser, you lot tin can use border blocker software to block it.

Yes, yous heard it right! You will live able to block Microsoft Edge using Edge Blocker in Windows ten operating arrangement very easily. The Edge Blocker software will block the browser on your computer just it won’t delete it completely. If you lot desire to role Microsoft Edge later on on you lot can unblock it using the same software.

Previously, in that location were ii unlike versions of this software 1.e. installer file and portable app. But straightaway, you lot can download exclusively the portable version of Edge Blocker. So in this conduct, nosotros are going to function the portable version of Edge Blocker freeware to block Microsoft edge browser as the quondam installer file is no more available. If yous want to discover out how to block Microsoft border inward Windows ten calculator, follow the lead which nosotros have shared below.

How to Block Microsoft Edge in Windows x

In guild to block Microsoft edge inwards Windows ten, first of all you demand to download the Edge Blocker software. You can easily download Edge Blocker for Windows x from here – Edge Blocker. Once yous accept downloaded the software, yous can showtime the procedure to block Microsoft edge using Edge blocker.

Once yous open the Edge blocker software on your Windows ten computer, y'all will run across Microsoft Edge logo. If the logo is inward bluish circle it way that Edge browser is not blocked on your computer yet if you lot meet a red colored circle it means that the browser is blocked.

You can also click on the blood-red Block button which volition block Microsoft border in Windows x organization. If you lot want to block or unblock the Microsoft Edge Browser later on, yous tin but click on the Unblock button.

Once you lot have blocked Microsoft Edge spider web browser, yous will nevertheless encounter it inward the taskbar search results. But when y'all brand a right click on it, you lot won’t be able to open the browser. For that you have to unblock it entirely.

Thus, yous tin can run into how elementary is to block or unblock Microsoft edge browser using Edge Blocker program.

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We promise that subsequently reading our lead of how to block Microsoft Edge inward Windows ten using Edge Blocker, y'all are able to block or unblock the Microsoft border browser inwards your Windows ten PC. This is past far the best method which yous tin can use to block Microsoft Edge on your figurer. Unfortunately, y'all can function it on Windows ten computers solely every bit it is not compatible alongside Windows vii, 8 and XP operating arrangement.

If yous are not able to block Microsoft edge browser on your Windows x organisation, permit us know the problem you are facing using the comments department too we volition aid you lot out. You may too live interested inwards checking out: How to Improve Windows x Laptop Battery Life