How to Fix COM Surrogate has stopped working in Windows 10 Are yous getting dllhost.exe COM surrogate has stopped working mistake? Learn how to cook COM Surrogate has stopped working in Windows 10 operating organisation

COM Surrogate besides known as dllhost.exe is an mistake which you might accept seen on your figurer screen spell using Windows explorer. If you are using Windows 10 then you power have come up across the mistake “COM Surrogate has stopped working” in one case in a patch. This is a common fault which is faced by a lot of people together with if you lot don’t want to run into this fault any more than on your reckoner you lot call for to fix COM Surrogate fault.

Before nosotros enjoin you how to prepare COM Surrogate has stopped working mistake on your estimator you should know what is COM surrogate and why are yous getting the dllhost.exe COM surrogate error.

What is COM Surrogate?

COM Surrogate is a name given to sacrificial processes which work for COM object. If an object requested runs exterior the process 1 volition go COM surrogate has stopped working fault. If you will open a folder where thumbnails are enabled and then the Windows explorer volition first COM explorer in addition to will starting time computing all the thumbnails which are acquaint in a estimator.

In case the thumbnail extractor crashes COM surrogate volition sacrifice and will ensure that Windows explorer is non affected leading to Com surrogate has not working mistake.

Why Does COM Surrogate e'er cease working?

COM surrogate has stopped working fault unremarkably takes place when y'all are browsing inward the folders which are having videos too media files inward them or are trying to accept a printout of a document spell browsing the net. If yous are having a flaky code you lot volition see this mistake. If there is any crash during a procedure, it volition bear upon the COM surrogate as well as not the Windows Explorer.

This is the reason that at times COM surrogate stops working. In order to cook COM surrogate has stopped working error on your Windows ten y'all can follow the lead which we have shared below:

How to Fix “COM Surrogate has stopped working” inwards Windows x

You tin follow the lead which nosotros have shared below as it volition assistance yous to fix COM surrogate has stopped working mistake.

Step (one): First of all, open run dialog box past pressing the combination of Windows + R keys together. Once the Run dialog box is open, you lot have to get into sysdm.cpl in it in addition to click on OK push.

Step (2): Now the System Properties window of your figurer will be open. Go to the Advanced tab in addition to and so click on Settings pick located under Performance section.

Step (three): Performance options volition open up on your reckoner and from hither you take to select Data Execution Prevention. Select to enable “Turn on DEP for all programs together with services except those I take” too and so click on Add button.

Step (iv): Now, a novel window will be open on your reckoner cover. You take to navigate to C:\Windows\System32\ folder (for 32-scrap Windows ten) or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ folder (for 64-bit Windows 10) together with find dllhost.exe file. Select this file and click Open button.

Step (five): If yous run across a caution box on your covert click on OK push button. Select Apply pick as well as once again OK.

Step (half-dozen): Finally, let your estimator reboot together with in one case it is rebooted y'all won’t live seeing COM surrogate has stopped working fault in Windows ten organization.

This is how yous tin ready “COM Surrogate has stopped working” in Windows ten. The ready to this mistake was simple and that was to add together a file named dllhost.exe in C:\Windows\System32\dllhost.exe directory. If yous take successfully managed to add together this file you won’t be seeing this mistake anymore on your calculator.


We hope that immediately you were able to ready dllhost.exe COM surrogate mistake on your Windows 10 calculator after next our guide of how to cook “COM Surrogate has stopped working” inwards Windows 10 operating organisation.

If you are having whatever difficulties or if y'all are nonetheless not able to ready the COM Surrogate has stopped working outcome, allow us know using the comments section below and nosotros will help you out equally quick equally possible. You may also live interested in checking out: How to prepare: Windows Update not Working in Windows seven