How to Fix Google Play Store Error 963 in Android Google Play Store Error 963 inward Android devices is one of the most frustrating situations for around people and they desire a quick solution to make “App could not live downloaded due to mistake. (963)” consequence.

To download games in addition to applications on android smartphone or tablet Google Play shop is used. While it is slow to download games together with apps from Google Play shop, many android users accept complained well-nigh error code 963 Google Play shop. Whenever Google Play shop error 963 comes a user is non able to download any game or application from the play store. If you lot are able to make “App could not be downloaded due to mistake (963)” fault then only y'all will be able to download whatsoever novel games together with applications.

Google Play store error 963 is mutual with HTC mobile ring users. If y'all are as well experiencing “App could not be downloaded due to error. (963)” mistake on your android smartphone in addition to desire to prepare it rapidly, y'all are at the correct home. Today in this Android tutorial, we are going to enjoin you how to cook Google play store download mistake 963 in Android easily. You will see hither total 3 unlike methods which volition assistance y'all inward solving Google Play store download mistake.

How to Fix Google Play Store Download Error 963

Before nosotros tell you how to cook Google Play store fault 963 inwards Android smartphone or tablet, yous require to know why yous are getting this mistake. The mutual reasons that you are getting error code 963 Google Play store are:

  • There might live an effect with the Google Play Store app cache.

  • The issue tin can too live due to the SD bill of fare introduce on your mobile ring.

  • If y'all take updated to novel version of Play shop and then as well you lot can experience Google Play store download error 963 inwards Android spell downloading or updating apps from Google Play Store.

Method i: Fix “App could non live downloaded due to mistake. (963)” Issue by Clearing the App Cache

In this method, we are going to clear Google Play Store app cache. You tin can follow the steps shared below which volition assist you lot inward clearing the app cache.

Step (ane): First of all, go to Settings on your smartphone too and then choose Apps too tap on All pick which volition listing all the applications installed on your mobile phone.

Step (2): Now y'all have to choose Google Play Store from this listing and so press Clear Cache and Clear Data button.

Step (iii): Also select the app which was showing Google Play shop download fault 963 as well as clear its information and cache.

Once cache and data are cleared, you lot tin endeavour downloading together with installing the app over again. You shouldn’t feel whatever outcome on your smartphone.

Method ii: Solve Google Play Store Download Error past Unmounting SD Card

If you lot are notwithstanding getting the fault “App could non live downloaded due to fault. (963)” on your android mobile telephone afterward following the beginning method and so yous can follow this method where you lot have to Unmount SD card.

Step (ane): To unmount SD menu on your android smartphone, get to Settings in addition to so select Storage pick. Now pick out Unmount SD bill of fare option from here together with then confirm by clicking OK push button.

Step (two): Now, try downloading or updating the application which y'all were trying to do before.

Step (three): If you were able to download or update the app successfully so y'all can remount the SD carte on your mobile ring past going to Settings → Storage → Mount SD menu.

If the application which is giving your problems is installed inward the SD bill of fare and then you lot tin transfer it to the internal storage of your smartphone. To transfer the app in the internal storage of your device y'all can become to Settings → Apps → All → Choose the app and pick out Move to internal storage.

Method three: Fix Google Play Store Error 963 in Android by Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

The above 2 methods should operate for you lot and the “App could not live downloaded due to fault. (963)” upshot should be resolved, notwithstanding if this google play shop download error is all the same not resolved so you lot tin follow this concluding method where we are going to downgrade Google Play shop app (uninstall updates). The recent update of Google Play shop mightiness besides live responsible for the outcome which y'all are getting on your smartphone.

In club to uninstall the updates which Google Play store received, yous tin only become to Settings → Apps → Google Play Store → Uninstall Updates.

Once yous accept uninstalled the Google Play store updates, you lot can try downloading or updating the application which was causing the error.


So, these are the summit three methods which y'all tin can follow to ready Google Play Store mistake 963 inwards Android devices. Feel costless to part with us using the comments section below – Which method worked best for you inward social club to prepare “App could non be downloaded due to error. (963)” consequence?


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