How to Fix MsMpEng.exe High CPU Usage Issue What is msmpeng.exe too how to cook MsMpEng.exe high CPU utilisation effect? Fix Microsoft Security Essentials msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high CPU usage

To protect the estimator from viruses too malwares, in that location are enough of best gratis antivirus software together with malware programs. There are several antivirus programs available for Windows operating organization which one tin install on a organisation to scan all the possible viruses/malwares in addition to eradicate them. Microsoft Security Essentials is the official antivirus program which is developed past Microsoft for Windows operating systems. This antivirus plan is available for all the versions of Windows operating system.

There is no doubtfulness that Microsoft Security Essentials is a groovy tool for removal of viruses together with malwares merely it has been seen that a service which comes nether Microsoft Security Essentials consumes very high resource. MSMpEng.exe is the service which runs piece Microsoft Security Essentials is running in the background. This leads to high CPU employment which results inward slow processing speed as well as ultimate hanging of the arrangement.

If yous are experiencing msmpeng.exe high CPU exercise event and then it is due to Microsoft Security Essentials running on your estimator. Today, we are going to enjoin you lot how to prepare MsMpEng.exe high CPU usage outcome on your calculator merely before nosotros portion the guide we would like to say you lot what is msmpeng.exe get-go.

What is MSMpEng.exe?

MsMpEng.exe is ane of the about important processes which come up nether the Microsoft Security Essentials. This service volition scan all the files which are downloaded on your organisation as well as if there is whatever suspicious file is seen inward the scan, it volition take away it or quarantine it. This service also scans for the possible spyware infections introduce in the arrangement which can be Trojan or worms.

In brusk, msmpeng.exe is responsible for all the scans which are done nether Microsoft Security Essentials, as well as removal of all the possible threats which are present on your calculator. Now every bit you lot know what is msmpeng.exe, permit’second discover out the methods to fix MsMpEng.exe high CPU Usage.


Before nosotros enjoin you how to cook MsMpEng.exe high CPU utilization upshot on your Windows computer, make sure the below-mentioned things are fulfilled:

(one) There shouldn’t be whatever other antivirus program installed on your estimator. Make sure Microsoft Security Essentials is the only program installed on your arrangement.

(two) If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP, so y'all accept to but uninstall this plan as at that place is no support available for Microsoft Security Essentials running on Windows XP.

Top iv Methods to Fix MsMpEng.exe High CPU Usage

Within a few weeks of query reply session at, many Windows user has asked us the near similar questions similar How to solve high CPU usage of Microsoft Security Essentials? What are approximately best methods to prepare MsMpEng.exe antimalware service executable high retentiveness use? What is msmpeng.exe as well as how to fix MsMpEng.exe high CPU utilization problem? etc.

After a long search on Google and niggling experiment with Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows PC, we came upward amongst around corking solutions which will help you inward solving your MsMpEng.exe high CPU use job perfectly. So, without whatever delay permit’s take a await at the listing of top iv methods to ready MsMpEng.exe high CPU use result:

Method i: Check together with Remove Malware from Computer

To cook msmpeng.exe high CPU exercise, yous tin can check too take away whatsoever malware which is present on your figurer. To scan for malwares, you lot have to go in the Safe fashion amongst Networking on your figurer. Here’sec how to first your Windows computer in rubber style:

Entering Safe Mode inwards Windows XP, seven too Vista:

  • Close all the programs which are running on your Computer together with reboot it.

  • As your estimator is booting, press the F8 central. Hold the central until yous come across the Windows Logo on your figurer screen.

  • In around time, y'all will meet Windows Advanced Options on your reckoner screen. Here you have to choose Safe Mode amongst Networking and press Enter.

By following these steps, yous will get into Safe mode with networking on Windows XP, Windows Vista, too Windows 7 operating organization.

Entering Safe Mode alongside Networking inwards Windows eight too viii.1:

  • Press combination of Win + R keys together to open Run dialog box.

  • Now you take to get in msconfig inward the work window.

  • Go to the Boot tab together with and then check Safe Boot as well as Network options from at that place.
  • Select OK push and and then reboot your organisation.

Detecting together with Removing Malware using RogueKiller

Now as y'all have entered Safe style on your estimator, yous have to download a plan called Rogue Killer (Basically, RogueKiller is a security tool which helps yous to terminate together with take away malicious processes and programs from your computer.) which volition assist yous inward finding the possible malwares and cook MsMpEng.exe high CPU utilisation issue.

Step (ane): First of all, Download RogueKiller Software on your computer. Once the RogueKiller software is downloaded on your system, open it by double clicking on it.

Step (ii): A pre-scan volition have place. Wait for the pre-scan to consummate in addition to once it is done y'all have to click on the Start push which will commencement a complete scan of your figurer.

Step (3): Once Scan is consummate, click the Delete push button which will take all the viruses and malwares located during the scan.

After the malwares which were detected are deleted, reboot your organization. You won’t go msmpeng.exe high CPU effect on your arrangement. Now, permit’sec run across other MsMpEng.exe antimalware service executable high retentivity utilization solutions.

Method ii: Uninstall together with Reinstall Microsoft Security Essentials

If yous were not able to prepare msmpeng.exe high CPU outcome past next the previous method (removing malware from the reckoner), y'all can try uninstalling together with then reinstalling Microsoft Security Essentials. Here’s how to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software:

Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials

  • If yous are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to Start → Control Panel.

  • Windows XP users, become to Start → Settings → Control Panel.

  • Windows viii together with viii.i users, open Run dialog box past pressing Win + R keys. Enter control panel in the go dialog box.

Now yous can uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials on your Windows vii, 8, Vista or XP operating organisation past going together with selecting:

  • Add or Remove Programs inward Windows XP.

  • Programs together with Features inwards Windows seven, Vista or viii.

Now, Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials from your calculator too in one case it is uninstalled, reboot your arrangement.

Reinstalling Microsoft Security Essentials

Once y'all have successfully uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials from your reckoner, become to the Microsoft Security Essentials Download page in order to Download Microsoft security essentials latest version and reinstall it on your PC. That’s it!

Method iii: Exclude “MsMpeng.exe” file from scanning

The higher up ii methods should aid y'all to solve msmpeng.exe high CPU usage problem, still if y'all are still experiencing msmpeng.exe high disk exercise you tin exclude the file which is slowing down your reckoner during the scan. To exclude msmpeng.exe high disk usage from scanning you can follow the steps which nosotros take shared below:

Step (one): At kickoff, yous accept to open up Microsoft Security Essentials on your calculator. Once the app is opened, click on the Settings button.

Step (ii): Now you lot have to choose Excluded files together with locations push located on the left side of the app. Select Browse choice.

Step (3): Go to the place where MsMpEng.exe high retentiveness file is present. The locations where you volition discover this file are mentioned below:

If yous are using Windows 8 computer and so get to next place:

C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe

If y'all are using Windows XP, Vista, or vii computer and then go to next place:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\MsMpEng.exe

Step (4): Once you lot discover the file, choose MsMpEng.exe as well as so click on OK.

Step (5): Next, click Add push to add the selcted file.

Step (half-dozen): Once the file is added, at once choose Save Settings push button.

Step (vii): Finally, Reboot your reckoner in addition to as the file is deleted, it will solve msmpeng.exe high CPU utilization problem. That’s it!

Method four: Reschedule Microsoft Security Essentials Scanning Time

You can reschedule the Microsoft Security Essentials scanning time when you are not working and then that it does non halt the processing speed during your function hours. Follow the steps for rescheduling the times to msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable.

  • Open Microsoft Security Essentials on your reckoner and and so choose Settings.

  • Select Scheduled scan choice which is located on the left side.

  • Here you can take the fourth dimension together with date when you desire to beginning the scan. Once yous have selected the time as well as engagement, click on Save Changes push button.

You can instantly check as well as run into if there is still the issue of msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high utilisation. If it is there you lot tin disable the existent-fourth dimension protection on your organisation.

  • Open Microsoft Security Essentials on your estimator as well as and then select Settings.

  • Select Real-Time Protection pick which is located on the left side.

  • Here you accept to uncheck “Turn on existent-time protection (recommended)” push button. Click on Save Changes push.

Close the software and check if msmpeng.exe high retentivity event is all the same at that place. If in that location is all the same high retentivity use issue, you tin can disable the app.

  • Open Run dialog box on your computer past pressing Win + R central.

  • Enter msconfig too open Startup tab from here.

  • Uncheck the box which says “Microsoft Security Client”. Click OK push.
  • Finally, reboot your estimator together with Microsoft Security Essentials won’t start.

As nosotros take disabled Microsoft Security Essentials on the estimator, in that location is no gamble that in that location volition be high CPU utilization consequence.

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The to a higher place methods which nosotros accept shared to a higher place to solve msmpeng.exe high CPU exercise are tested in addition to all plant real fine. Once y'all take followed whatever of the to a higher place-mentioned steps correctly, yous won’t feel MsMpEng.exe high CPU employment anymore.

Please, experience complimentary to let us know using the comments section below – Out of the meridian iv methods to Fix MsMpEng.exe high CPU utilisation outcome which we have shared higher up, which method worked best for yous? You may as well live interested inward checking out: How to Fix Google Chrome High CPU Usage