How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on a Rooted Android Phone Two of the best custom recoveries which are available out in that location are TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) in addition to CWM or ClockworkMod recovery. CWM custom recovery is developed by Koushik Dutta is too y'all tin can easily install ClockworkMod recovery on whatever android device.

By default, all the android smartphones and tablets come with a preinstalled stock recovery only it lacks in several operations which one tin can do later installing ClockworkMod recovery. Once you have install ClockworkMod recovery on your android smartphone, you will live able to install custom ROMs on your android device which ane tin can’t make if they are using the stock recovery.

In our previous android direct, nosotros accept already covered diverse methods to install Custom Recovery on Android Devices. In example, you take missed to read then read it at once: How to Install Custom Recovery on any Android Device

In today’second Android tutorial, nosotros are going to explain yous the simplest manner of installing ClockworkMod recovery on rooted Android telephone. But earlier diving into the stride past pace take to install CWM recovery or flash ClockworkMod recovery on your Android smartphone, permit’sec offset know What is ClockworkMod Recovery too what is it for?

What is ClockworkMod?

If yous are not familiar with ClockworkMod recovery or CWM recovery so we would like to order y'all that you tin install an advanced recovery on your android devices like CWM recovery. Basically, ClockworkMod Recovery is an Android custom recovery icon. Once the ClockworkMod recovery is installed, this recovery image replaces your Android device’second stock recovery icon.

After the installation, yous volition be able to have backup of your android devices as well as too restore them from the recovery menu. Along with that, yous volition besides live able to install custom ROM’sec on your device in addition to install kernels in addition to themes. Installing ClockworkMod recovery volition too let yous to check the battery stats in addition to make a lot of other things.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery using Rom Manager

In lodge to install ClockworkMod recovery using ROM Manager, yous take to solely purpose your android mobile ring. There is no require of the reckoner for installing ClockworkMod recovery using this method. There are a few important things which you lot necessitate earlier you get-go following our guide of how to install ClockworkMod recovery on android devices. We have mentioned these things below:


  • Your android device should be rooted. If you lot are non having origin access on your smartphone or tablet y'all won’t be able to install ClockworkMod recovery using ROM manager.
  • You don’t have to download ClockworkMod recovery for android device every bit we are going to function Rom managing director. The app tin be downloaded from this link or yous can only search for ROM manager in Google Play shop.
  • We advise y'all to accept backup of your android device then that if anything happens, you lot can restore your device.

Once you have arranged all the above-explained things, immediately y'all are fix to install ClockworkMod recovery on your android smartphone. Follow these steps inwards society to flash ClockworkMod recovery on a rooted android ring amongst the help of Rom managing director:

Step (i): First of all, install ROM Manager Application on your android device.

Step (2): Once y'all have installed the ROM manager app, open it in addition to so tap on Recovery setup pick. From here y'all volition live able to download latest ClockworkMod recovery for android.

Step (three): Now get to Install or update recovery section and then select Clockworkmod Recovery.

Step (4): The app will identify your device the android version. Once your device has been identified, y'all are make for ClockworkMod recovery download. Tap on the OK button together with the ClockworkMod recovery download will set about.

Step (5): Once the recovery is downloaded on your android device, y'all take to just tap the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery selection. The flashing process will starting time on your smartphone and within a few minutes, CWM recovery volition be installed on your android smartphone.

Step (half dozen): To check if CWM recovery is installed on your device y'all can go dorsum inwards the Rom director card together with so select Reboot into recovery pick. Your smartphone volition come in the recovery card which will confirm that CWM recovery is installed on your device.

Now that you have successfully flashed the CWM custom recovery on your android device, yous volition live able to flash custom ROMs too have backups. Factory resetting the device will also get a lot easier alongside ClockworkMod recovery. This is a universal method as well as volition operate on all the android smartphones and tablets all the same you lot will live able to install CWM recovery entirely too not TWRP recovery.

Tip: Once you have entered into the CWM recovery carte du jour on your device, yous will live able to navigate using the Volume upwards as well as down buttons. If you lot desire to brand a option then you accept to select the Power push button.


We hope that you were able to install ClockworkMod recovery later on following our lead of how to install cwm recovery on any android call. There are other methods too which you lot tin can purpose to flash CWM recovery only the easiest one is past using ROM Manager.

If you lot have followed whatever other method to flash ClockworkMod recovery on your device let us know using the comments department below. Are yous using a wearisome Android smartphone?