How to Install Custom Recovery on any Android Device Have yous e'er wished to install custom recovery on your Android smartphone or tablet?

If yous are using android device together with have searched for hacks for your android device you power take come across a common term called custom recovery.

In club to flash or hack your android device y'all necessitate to install custom recovery on your device. Custom recovery is available for all the android devices too one time you have installed custom recovery you lot will be able to install custom roms on your device.

In today’second Android tutorial, we are going to say y'all how to install custom recovery on android devices only earlier that permit’sec discover out in detail what is android custom recovery in addition to why you take to install custom recovery android.

What is a Custom Recovery in addition to Why to Install a Custom Recovery on Android?

Custom Recovery is a third political party android operating arrangement version. All the android smartphones come up with stock recovery installed on them but that recovery is no enough to flash your device amongst custom roms. After flashing custom recovery on your android device, the stock recovery will be replaced too you lot volition get a custom environs on your android mobile call up. The custom recovery will perform all the things which are done by a stock recovery simply you lot will go additional features.

After installing custom recovery you lot will be able to install custom rom’sec on your android device similar Cyanogenmod, Paranoid Android as well as many more than. This will allow you lot to function the features as well as interface of other android smartphones. You will too be able to make backup of your entire telephone. Flashing custom recovery volition besides help yous in restoring backups which y'all have created.

Method 1: How to Install Custom Recovery using PC (without Rooting)

Normally, yous accept to source your device for flashing custom recovery on your device. However, in that location is likewise a fashion to install custom recovery without rooting android device. To install custom recovery without root, you lot have to follow the steps which nosotros take shared below.

Note: Before we tell y'all how to install custom recovery without beginning, you lot have to make certain that the bootloader of your device is unlocked.

Step (1): Make sure ADB and Fastboot tools are installed on your reckoner. If y'all are non having the tools, offset of all download as well as install these tools on your PC.

Step (2): Once the tools are installed, open up the place where they are installed. In near of the instance, it is installed inwards C Drive.

Step (three): Now yous accept to re-create the recovery file for your android device inward this folder. Make sure that you lot take renamed the recovery as “recovery.img” before y'all install custom recovery using PC.

Step (iv): Now you lot have to open up control prompt window by pressing Shift Key + correct mouse push together with so selecting Open Command Window here option.

Step (v): Once command window is open on your estimator covert, y'all have to get in the commands which we have mentioned below one by one:

adb reboot bootloader 
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot

Once y'all follow all in a higher place steps successfully, Android Custom recovery volition live installed on your smartphone.

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Method two: How to install Custom Recovery without PC (Rooting Required)

If your android device is rooted, the procedure of installing custom recovery volition be much slow. In instance, your android device is not rooted then yous can follow this conduct to origin Android without using PC. Follow the steps shared below to install custom recovery on rooted android. Here’second how:

Step (one): At start, download Terminal Emulator and install it on your android device. Terminal Emulator for Android allows y'all to access your Android’sec built-inward Linux control business beat.

Step (2): Copy the recovery for your android device inwards the SD carte du jour of your mobile call. Make sure that yous have renamed the file equally “recovery.img”.

Step (3): Now you take to open up Terminal Emulator in addition to execute the commands which nosotros take mentioned below:

dd if=/path to your recovery.img/recovery.img of=/dev/recovery

Here you have to alter the “path to your recovery.img” to the place where the recovery is present in your android device. For the case, a screenshot is shown below:

Step (4): Once the command is executed, y'all will live able to install custom recovery on rooted android.

Thus, you lot tin run into how simple is to install custom recovery on rooted android devices or install custom recovery without beginning.

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Is it tardily to install custom recovery on android device using PC equally you lot don’t take to root your device as well as have to execute solely three commands? If yous are a newbie to android we suggest next the lead to install custom recovery using PC. Also endeavor to flash TWRP recovery as it is amend every bit compared to CWM recovery. Once yous accept installed custom recovery by next whatsoever of the higher up two methods yous tin can have full backup and restore backups in addition to too install custom ROM’s on your device.

Feel costless to share your opinion amongst us via comments and permit us know – Which method to install custom recovery on android device works best for you lot?