How to Locate, Edit and Manage Windows 10 Hosts File Do you lot know what is the hosts file inwards Windows ten operating organisation as well as how to edit them?

We all know that in that location are a lot of Windows files which yous will find on your calculator. With each version of operating system, novel files are added which bring new advanced features on a figurer. One file which yous volition detect inwards all the versions of Windows operating system is the Windows hosts file.

If you lot are using Windows 10, Windows eight, Windows seven or even Windows XP, y'all will go a host file on your calculator. Now if yous are wondering what is the hosts file inward Windows operating system then y'all are at the right home.

In today’second Windows tutorial, nosotros are going to explain yous each and everything about Windows 10 hosts file too the process to edit hosts file in Windows 10 operating organization.

What is the Hosts File inward Windows x?

Hosts file inwards Windows x is a file which comes without whatever extension. You tin can think of hosts file Windows 10 as a phonebook which volition render you lot call numbers for the corresponding names just instead of names too ring numbers you lot will go host refer along alongside IP address inwards Windows x host file.

Hosts file in Windows ten is used as the local bring up resolution of a estimator. If you are accessing or so websites frequently and so you lot tin can add together their names along alongside IP addresses inwards the hosts file windows 10.

Location of Hosts File in Windows ten

If yous want to discover out the host file Windows ten place and then y'all require to open a detail directory on your estimator. Here’sec the Windows hosts file place:


In all Microsoft Windows operating systems, the hosts file is located inward the same location. So, whether y'all desire to observe the location of Windows x hosts file, Windows eight hosts file, Windows vii hosts file, or Windows XP hosts file, you tin detect windows hosts file by following the same place given to a higher place.

How the Windows x Hosts File Works?

Windows hosts file does not come with whatever extension merely it is a patently text file. You will find text in the class of the IP addresses in addition to the host names. The lines inward the host file windows are separated by white spaces.

Let’second order you desire to interpret a host mention of organization called mainserver alongside IP address so you lot volition have to insert the next control occupation in the Windows hosts file: mainserver

You can edit hosts file inwards Windows x too add together more than host names to the same IP address. Let’s say the organization besides acts every bit the hubserver. If y'all want to add 2 hostnames to the same IP address and so you need to add together the next control line:

192.168.1.i mainserver hubserver

How to Edit Windows x Hosts File

Managing as well as editing Windows ten hosts file is a pretty unproblematic job. However, y'all necessitate administrator rights inwards society to edit in addition to cope hosts file inwards Windows 10 estimator. Follow the steps which we have shared below equally they volition assist yous to get by in addition to edit Windows ten hosts file perfectly.

Step (ane): First of all, open up this Windows hosts file place on your figurer:


Step (2): Once y'all accept open the folder, y'all will find a hosts file in that location. Copy the hosts file in addition to glue it on your desktop.

Step (three): Now you lot accept to open up the hosts file using admin rights amongst Notepad. Hosts file volition open on your reckoner concealment and at once you lot can edit and make out Windows 10 hosts file according to your want. You can change the IP addresses the host names from here also.

Step (four): After editing has been done, yous tin relieve it in addition to copy it to the master location.

Step (v): You will get a Notification on your screen asking to Replace the file in the goal or not. Accept it as well as the click on Continue option.

Step (6): The hosts file will live changed. Now if yous volition ping the IP address corresponding to the host name and then y'all volition see the changes which take been done.

If y'all volition endeavour to edit the hosts file inwards its master copy place yous won’t live able to make it. The entirely fashion to edit too make out Windows ten hosts file is by copying it on your desktop or whatsoever other place as well as brand the changes. Also, make certain that you are performing all the steps under administrator rights.


This is the easiest method which yous can follow to manage Windows ten hosts file in addition to edit hosts file inward Windows x. You tin perform above explained method to locate, edit in addition to contend Windows hosts file on whatever version of Windows operating organisation equally the process is going to be just same.

We hope that you lot were able to get by in addition to edit Windows hosts file on your figurer by following this guide “Hosts File in Windows x – locate, edit in addition to grapple”. If yous are having any doubts regarding Windows hosts file or Windows x hosts file, role the comments section to clear them. You may likewise be interested inwards checking out: How to Create a Password Reset Disk for Windows x / eight / vii