How to Send a Fax without a Fax Machine via HelloFax Send costless fax online – Learn how to post a Fax without a Fax automobile via HelloFax online faxing service? Send as well as receive faxes online without using a Fax automobile

There are yet or so modest businesses in addition to regime agencies which may not have documents over electronic mail as well as they strictly learn you lot to fax all the documents. If y'all desire to mail a fax yous call for a fax auto. If you lot are not having a fax car, you lot take to have the document amongst you lot as well as search a document centre then that you can fax it. Doesn’t it experience similar a real long procedure together with fourth dimension taking job?

But y'all will live surprised to know that instead of doing this, at that place is an easy mode to send together with receive faxes online without a fax machine or telephone occupation. Yes, you lot heard it correct! You tin can easily receive too send faxes without using a fax motorcar alongside the help of internet.

There are plenty of best gratuitous online fax services which yous tin can function inwards gild to post gratuitous fax online. If you don’t want to waste matter your fourth dimension inward searching out which online fax service is the best for online faxing in addition to want to try a multifunctional online fax service to post complimentary fax online inward one click and so “HelloFax” is ane of the well-nigh appropriate pick for yous. HelloFax is one such easy together with reliable‎ service which can live used to mail costless fax online.

What is HelloFax?

HelloFax is a Google Docs add-on which will help you lot inward online faxing. You tin easily send and have faxes online using HelloFax or it tin be said: yous tin mail a fax without a fax car with the aid of HelloFax service. HelloFax allows yous to send v pages costless inwards a month later on which you lot have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service.

If you lot desire to use HelloFax for receiving faxes, yous tin can gear up an account as well as get your ain personalized fax issue. The online faxing process alongside HelloFax is real slowly to role as well as it doesn’t necessitate whatever complex settings. In simple words, HelloFax is a peak-rated online fax service which offers multiple options to mail & receive faxes from anywhere.

What are the Benefits of using HelloFax?

Now, nosotros all know that HelloFax tin can live used to send too have faxes online. This service is as well having many benefits. We accept listed around of the benefits of using HelloFax service:

  • You can Fax to multiple recipients at one using this online faxing service.

  • The faxes which yous will mail using HelloFax are inward PDF format. This makes it tardily for i to read the faxes, percentage them as well as downloading them.

  • HelloFax comes alongside unlimited storage. This allows y'all to store as many every bit faxes you want to store on your account. You tin can access your faxes from anywhere using whatever device.

  • You can sync your HelloFax account amongst cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive together with Box.

  • If you were already using a number for faxing documents, you lot can port that issue with your novel HelloFax business relationship.

  • If yous are using Google apps, y'all tin can integrate your HelloBox account amongst it.

These are close to of the benefits of Hello fax. Now that nosotros know the advantages of Hello Fax, permit us discover out how to mail a fax without a Fax machine via HelloFax.

How to Send Fax without Fax Machine via HelloFax

If y'all are wondering how to post a fax online without a fax auto, you tin can follow these steps which nosotros accept shared below inwards social club to mail a fax without a fax machine using HelloFax online faxing service:

Step (i): First of all, open Google Docs on your web browser. Now you lot have to open the document which yous wishing to send.

Step (2): Now click on the Add-ons push introduce on the superlative. From the drib downward card, choose Get add together-ons.

Step (iii): You will run across a search bar. Here you have to search for HelloFax. Once y'all meet HelloFax inward the search results, click on the +Free push (in blue).

Just later the click, the add-on will be saved on your Google Drive account. You take to pass on permissions then that add together-on tin run and y'all can mail the fax. Click on the Allow push.

Step (4): Once HelloFax add together-on is installed inward your Google Drive account, click once more on the Add-ons push button located at the superlative. This fourth dimension, you lot volition encounter HelloFax in the drib downward carte du jour every bit it is installed. Click on Send Fax button.

Step (5): You will meet a novel panel on the right side. You will be asked to Enter fax issue. Enter the issue in addition to brand sure that it is right.

Step (vi): If yous want to add a encompass page, you tin can click on cover page push. Here y'all tin can mention details similar To, From along with a brusque message if you want to add.

Step (vii): Once y'all accept entered all the details, you lot tin can click on the Send push button. That’s it!

This is how to send fax from calculator without fax machine. This is the easiest method if y'all are wondering how to mail in addition to receive fax online without a fax machine. So, immediately post costless fax online together with enjoy!!

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You can solely mail v complimentary faxes inwards a calendar month using HelloFax online faxing service. If you lot desire to send more than faxes inward a month, you lot tin subscribe for the premium service which allows you lot to receive faxes as well. If you are using whatever other interesting gratis online faxing services to send and receive faxes online, experience costless to part it amongst us using the comments department below.

We hope, straightaway you lot learned how to post a fax online for free or how to send a fax without a fax auto using one of the best free online fax services like HelloFax service.