How to Transfer Office 365 License to another Computer Microsoft has launched a wide range of products too Office 365 is i of these products too is the best software which volition hand you access to all the Microsoft Office applications on your reckoner. Microsoft Office comes amongst dissimilar plans which you tin can install on your smartphones, tablets too computers.

If you are using “Office 365 habitation edition” so y'all volition be able to install in addition to role it on five different PC or MAC systems, five tablets or 5 smartphones. However, at that place power come up a time when y'all desire to install Office 365 on other devices just all the v slots are total. In this example, you can transfer Office 365 license.

As presently every bit y'all accept deactivated the Microsoft role 365 installation, you tin can solely use the applications inward read-entirely mode and there is no choice to edit them. You tin solely sentiment them as well as print them, just if you lot want to install it on a new estimator or tablet you take to transfer Microsoft Office 365 license. So if all the five installations which were available inward your plan are straightaway used together with you desire to install Office 365 on a novel estimator, you take to deactivate part 365 license from electric current PC.

Are y'all ready to know how to deactivate your office 365 installation in addition to transfer part 365 license to another computer? Here we get.

How to Transfer Office 365 License from One PC to Another

Follow the pace past step conduct shared below which will aid you lot to deactivate office 365 license from PC too transfer role 365 license to some other figurer.

Step (one): First of all, open My Account page together with so pick out Install choice.

Step (two): Once you have logged in to your business relationship, you lot volition come across all the computers where you lot have installed Office 365.

Step (three): Now y'all take to select the PC from which yous want to deactivate your Office 365 installation.

Step (iv): Once y'all accept selected the figurer, just press the Deactivate Install selection, located right adjacent to the figurer from where y'all desire to transfer Microsoft Office 365 license.

Step (5): You will run into a message maxim “Are y'all certain you want to deactivate this install?” If you lot are sure, click on Deactivate push button and the Office 365 license volition be deactivated.

The Microsoft Office 365 installation is instantly deactivated from the figurer you lot selected. Now y'all won’t live able to edit any documents using Office 365 on the arrangement from where you lot take deactivated it nevertheless you lot can persuasion all the documents in addition to impress them. If you desire to transfer role 365 license from other computers, you take to follow the same steps on those computers. Read as well: How to Find Your Windows 10 Product Key after Upgrade


We change computers, smartphones as well as tablets alongside time and if the software which you lot accept purchased can run on a express issue of machines y'all require to deactivate it and then that you can transfer the license. The in a higher place method which we shared volition assistance you to transfer function 365 license from one PC to another PC.

This is the easiest method which yous tin can follow. If y'all are having any doubts or are not able to transfer the license central of your Office 365 subscriptions, get in touch on amongst us using the comments department below.