How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock without Losing Data How to unlock android ring blueprint lock without losing information? How to unlock a call up if y'all forgot the password? How to unlock telephone without password? – I take likewise asked such questions to many peoples when I was new to android smartphone in addition to I forgot my pattern lock on my android phone and Gmail account as well. But thank god straight off ane know aome rattling slow as well as unlike methods to unlock android call pattern lock without losing information.

There are unlike methods which tin be used to add together safety to an android smartphone. A lot of people purpose pattern lock to gear up a password on their android mobile phones. Once you accept selected design lock as the preferred password mode, you won’t live able to access your device unless you have drawn the right pattern on it.

There are times when ane forgets the pattern to unlock the mobile ring. What yous will do to unlock android telephone if you lot forgot the password or design lock? It can atomic number 82 to a lot of trouble for one every bit if yous don’t recollect the blueprint to unlock your mobile phone yous won’t be able to brand calls or run your mobile phones. You will come across a lot of guides on the internet with which ane tin easily unlock android blueprint lock by mill resetting the mobile call up. In this method, all the data which is acquaint inward the mobile call up will become erased. So, if y'all are having a backup so it is fine to follow the factory reset method to unlock android call design lock or password lock.

There are besides other methods which one tin follow to unlock android design lock in addition to today we are going to percentage how to unlock android blueprint lock without losing data in addition to different methods to unlock android call if forgot blueprint too Google business relationship.

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock without Losing Data

We volition hash out a full of three methods which volition assistance you lot inward unlocking android blueprint lock without losing data. While ii methods will demonstrate you how to unlock a call up if yous forget the password without deletion of any information, the concluding method includes a manufactory reset procedure.

If you lot want to unlock android call up after likewise many blueprint attempts without mill reset so nosotros would propose y'all follow the Method i or Method 2. Here are how to unlock android telephone design lock:

Method one: Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock using Aroma File Manager

To follow this method for unlocking android phone, y'all involve to download an app called Aroma File Manager. Also, yous should have a retentivity carte du jour along alongside your android smartphone which is locked. Once yous are having all these things, yous tin follow the steps shared below which volition help you lot inwards unlocking android phone:

Step (i): First of all, downloaded Aroma File Manager app together with re-create it on the retention carte of your mobile call up. Now insert the retention bill of fare in the device which is locked.

Step (2): Now you lot accept to go into the Recovery mode of your android device. To get into Recovery manner on your smartphone, press combination of Power + Volume Up keys together.

This is the well-nigh mutual style to open up Stock Recovery Mode. However, if you are non able to open Recovery way past following this method, y'all tin can Google the steps to get in Recovery fashion of your mobile call up.

Step (iii): When yous accept entered in Recovery way, role the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) buttons for navigating and Power push button for making a confirmation.

Step (4): Now you have to take “Install Zip from SD Card” selection using the book buttons. Select the path to install “Aroma File Manager” from SD carte du jour which nosotros copied inwards the start pace.

Step (v): Once the Aroma File Manager app is installed, it volition start in the Recovery style.

Step (6): When yous encounter Aroma File Manager on your concealment, go to Settings together with pick out “Automount all devices on first pick. You will find this selection at the bottom.

Step (seven): Once once more, you have to perform the activeness which you performed in the Step (four).

Step (eight): Aroma File Manager will open once again. This fourth dimension you lot take to get to Data Folder → System Folder. Here you lot take to notice “password.cardinal” for pattern lock or “gesture.fundamental” for password lock.

Step (9): Once yous have found the files, delete it too snuff it the Aroma File Manager. Finally, reboot your android smartphone.

Step (10): When your device will boot upward y'all volition encounter that the pattern lock or the password protection is nevertheless in that location. But don’t worry, y'all tin can depict any design in addition to you will be able to unlock your android phone.

Important Note: Remember the blueprint which yous only depict every bit it volition be used inwards hereafter to unlock android phone.

Thus, y'all tin  easily unlock design lock without data loss. Do you lot think – this is the easiest method which you tin can follow to unlock android design lock without losing data? There are two more than methods which we have shared below.

Method two: Unlock Android Pattern Lock using Android SDK Tools

If yous were not able to unlock pattern lock without information loss by next the last method yous can take assistance of Android SDK Tools. Android SDK Tools is an emulator which is used for development purposes. This tool tin can too be used to unlock android phone without losing whatever data.

Follow the steps shared below to detect out how to unlock android call up using Android SDK Tools:

Step (i): At offset, download the latest version of Android SDK Tools on your estimator to operate ADB commands. Android SDK tools are available for multiple platforms. Select your operating arrangement in addition to download the installer file.

Step (2): Once the installer file is downloaded, y'all are prepare to install it. Start the installation together with uncheck all the packages. You have to take solely 1 bundle which is Android SDK Platform-Tools. Select this bundle and and so click on Install Packages selection.

Step (3): Once y'all have installed the packages, you postulate to make certain that you are having two things alongside y'all: First are the drivers of your android mobile call installed on your computer and so that your PC tin find your device too second is the activation of USB debugging on your android mobile telephone.

Step (iv): Now you lot accept to connect your mobile call up to your computer using a USB cable.

Step (five): Just later on the connection, go to the folder where Platform-Tools are installed. To open this folder, yous accept to go to Android SDK Tools Users → App Data → Local → Android → Android SDK → Platform Tools.

Once yous are inward the Platform Tools folder open up a control window past selecting Shift Key in addition to correct mouse button then choose “open command window hither”.

Step (half dozen): Now a command window will open on your computer cover. You are make to go in or so commands. To cheque if your smartphone is connected in ADB way, move into the control shared below.

adb devices

Step (7): Now you have to enter the commands which nosotros accept shared below:

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system fix value=0 where cite=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update organization prepare value=0 where cite=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

Step (viii): If the higher up-mentioned commands are not working for you lot, you tin move into the unmarried control which we take shared below:

adb crush rm /information/system/gesture.cardinal

Step (9): Once you lot accept entered all the commands 1 past 1, lastly reboot your smartphone and yous will be able to access your device equally pattern lock will be disabled. That’sec it!

Important Note: There is entirely 1 condition which needs to be fulfilled as well as that is USB debugging needs to live enabled on your mobile call. If it is non enabled, you won’t be able to follow this guide which leaves you amongst the terminal method.

If yous were willing to know how to unlock android pattern lock without net connection without losing data so I am sure this method helped yous.

Method 3: Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock alongside Factory Reset

The higher up 2 methods volition aid y'all to unlock android design lock without losing data, only if yous are not able to unlock your device later next these methods and so as a last solution you lot tin perform a Factory Reset. Please go on in mind, all the data which is stored inward your smartphone will get erased in one case y'all Factory Reset it. So, we advise you to role this method every bit the concluding pick only.

You have to use your mobile phone only inwards this guide equally you don’t require reckoner or laptop. Here’sec how to unlock android ring design lock with mill reset:

Step (ane): First of all, switch off your mobile ring which is locked.

Step (two): Now yous have to turn on your mobile telephone inward Recovery style. To get into Recovery manner, press Volume Up together with Power Key together.

Step (three): As you are in Recovery mode immediately, then role the Volume keys for navigating together with Power push for making a confirmation.

Step (iv): Here you lot have to choose “Factory Data Reset” choice and so Yes selection.

Step (four): Now yous take to select “Wipe Cache Partition” selection which will wipe cache information.

Step (5): Once you have performed all the to a higher place-mentioned steps, now merely reboot your smartphone.

Step (six): Your smartphone will first without any password lock. You can setup your mobile call as well as as well assign a novel password lock if yous want to.

Thus, y'all tin can see how simple is to unlock a call if you lot forgot the password or pattern lock.


That’sec it! This is how to unlock call without password. We advise you lot to follow Methods 1 together with Methods 2 equally no information volition be lost past next these methods. Only role the terminal method “unlock android call pattern lock alongside mill reset” if you lot were unable to unlock your devices by next the in a higher place ii methods.

If fifty-fifty later next the in a higher place explained height three step past stride methods to unlock android telephone without losing information, y'all are not able to unlock your android telephone pattern lock  then delight use the comments department to order us as well as nosotros will assist yous inward unlocking your mobile ring.

You tin can besides part amongst us if you lot take any other effective ways of unlocking android call or how to unlock android call blueprint lock without losing information.