Download Root Genius App (all versions) Genius App (APK) is a minor 1-click source app that allows y'all to origin the Android devices inwards a Single Tap (supports devices running betwixt Android two.two to Android four.iii).

Here on this page, nosotros have managed to share the latest version of the Root Genius App along amongst the previous versions.

Features of Root Genius App

One-Click Root:

RootGenius App allows you to root the android devices without the need for the computer. Download and install the Root Genius on your Android Device > launch the App > Tap on the Root push to become it rooted.

Easy to Use:

RootGenius App doesn’t require any particular guidelines to root the Android device. Download and install the app on your Android device > Launch the App > Tap to Root button to become it rooted.

No Internet Required:

RootGenius Doesn’t need you to take an active net connectedness to source the Android device. Download in addition to install the app on your Android device, and y'all are ready to origin the device inward a few seconds.

No require of Computer:

RootGenius App doesn’t involve yous to take the Windows estimator to root the Android device. Download together with install the App on the Android Device, in addition to you lot are prepare to source it without whatsoever reckoner.

Download Root Genius App (APK)

Root Genius is compatible together with supports Android Devices running between Android 2.two to Android iv.iii. If in instance you lot were looking for the latest version of the Root Genius, and so purpose the next links to get it on your computer:

v1.0.21: RootGenius_v1.0.21.apk

v1.0.22: RootGenius_v1.0.22.apk

v1.0.23: RootGenius_v1.0.23.apk RootGenius_v1.i.33.apk

v1.3.47: RootGenius_v1.iii.47.apk

v1.iii.48: RootGenius_v1.three.48.apk

v1.4.51: RootGenius_v1.four.51.apk

v1.4.55: RootGenius_v1.iv.55.apk

v1.half dozen.64: RootGenius_v1.half dozen.64.apk


v1.6.73: RootGenius_v1.half dozen.73.apk

v2.2.82: RootGenius_v2.2.82.apk

v2.ii.83: RootGenius_v2.two.83.apk

v2.two.84: RootGenius_v2.ii.84.apk

v2.ii.86: RootGenius_v2.ii.86.apk

v2.two.89: RootGenius_v2.ii.89.apkLatest

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Readme Once:

[*] RootGenius App is Discontinued: RootGenius App is immediately officially discontinued by the developer (henzhen Square Bottle Co., LTD), which way it won’t live getting whatever farther updates inward the hereafter.

[*] Root Genius for Computer: RootGenius Application for Windows Computer is more than stiff than the Mobile App. If you want, y'all tin can download the RootGenius Application for Windows from hither.

[*] Alternative Apps: There are several One-Click Root Apps are available, including Kingroot App, Framaroot App, iRoot App, Towelroot App, as well as 360 Root App.

[*] Credits: RootGenius App is created together with distributed past Shenzhen Square Bottle Co., LTD. So, Full credit goes to them for sharing the App for costless.