Download Root Genius Application (all versions) Genius is a One-Click Root Application that allows y'all to origin the Android devices running between Android two.ii to Android iv.iv.

Here on this page, nosotros have managed to share the latest version of RootGenius along with the previous versions.

Features of Root Genius Application

Portable together with Installer:

RootGenius application comes inwards two formats 1.e Portable and Installer. The portable format tin be used without installing it on the figurer, whereas the installer version tin can solely live used later installing it on the figurer.

One-Click Root:

It allows you to root the Android Devices in a Single-Click. Download and extract the tool on the computer > Launch it > Connect your Android Device with USB debugging enabled > Click on the Root Now push to go it rooted (follow the direct).

Support Recovery Mode:

It uses multiple methods to origin the Android Devices, ane.e., Regular Method together with Recovery Methods. Whenever it finds the Android Device is tough to rootage, it automatically reboots the device into the recovery mode as well as tries to rootage it.

No Extra Chinese Apps:

Unlike the other Chinese Root Applications, it doesn’t install any other Chinese Apps on the Android Device apart from SuperUser App.

Download Root Genius Application

RootGenius is compatible too supports Android Devices running between Android ii.2 to Android four.iv. If inwards example you lot were looking for the latest version of the RootGenius, then function the following links to become it on your figurer: Root_Genius_v1.viii.half-dozen.exe

v1.nine.3: Root_Genius_v1.9.three.exe

v1.ix.4: Root_Genius_v1.nine.four.exe

v2.2.6: Root_Genius_v2.2.vii.exe

v2.4.ane: Root_Genius_v2.4.i.exe

v3.0.nine: Root_Genius_v3.0.nine.exe

v3.ane.ane: Root_Genius_v3.1.1.exe

v3.i.6: Root_Genius_v3.ane.6.exe Root_Genius_v3.ane.vii.exe

v3.2.0: Root_Genius_v3.two.0.exe – Latest

Readme Once:

[*] How to purpose: If y'all desire to learn to role the RootGenius to beginning the Android Devices, so caput over to How to role RootGenius Application page.

[*] RootGenius Android App: You tin as well root your Android Device through the official RootGenius Android App. If yous wish, yous tin can download the RootGenius Android App from here.

[*] Alternative Apps: There are several One-Click Root Applications are available, including iRoot Application, Kingo Root Application, Cydia Impactor, Motochopper Application, ioRoot Application, together with Binary Toolkit.

[*] Credits: RootGenius is created in addition to distributed by SJRoot (Developer), so total credit goes to them for sharing the Application for complimentary.