How to take screenshot on HTC One Phone this tutorial nosotros are going to direct y'all how to take screenshot on HTC One Phones which includes HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One V, HTC Butterfly southward, HTC Desire together with HTC One due south.

In instance y'all do accept whatsoever of the latest HTC smartphone listed in a higher place then you can follow the tutorial below to acquire how to take screenshot on HTC Phone.

How to have screenshot on HTC One

There are ii slow methods available to accept screenshot on HTC One devices. Below we are going to discuss both of the methods one past one:

Method 1:

ane. Press together with Hold Power Button in addition to Volume Down Button at same fourth dimension for one-ii seconds until you lot mind shutter tone.

two. Once screenshot is captured, Go to Notifications panel in addition to tap on the icon to open up it. You can also open the captured icon using Gallery.

Method two:

ane. Press and Hold Power Button too Home Button at the same fourth dimension for one-2 seconds until you lot listen shutter note.

two. Once screenshot is captured, Go to Notifications panel in addition to tap on the image to open it. You tin can also open up the captured screenshot using Gallery.

Readme Once:

[*] By using the in a higher place 2 methods you tin can easily have screenshot on whatsoever HTC call up running on Android ICS or Jelly Bean.

[*] We recommend: You should prefer of using Method #ane to accept screenshot on your HTC device, as it is rattling slowly to use.

[*] There is no postulate of installing whatsoever tertiary party application to accept screenshot, every bit because Screenshot is inbuilt features of the latest Android phones.

[*] We have used HTC One Image on this page as instance. You tin can use both of the methods on whatsoever HTC Phones just dont get confused amongst the dwelling house push, every bit it is dissimilar on all HTC Phones.

[*] All of the latest HTC smartphones support both of the above methods.

[*] HTC Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the master firmware for your device, and then caput over to Download HTC Stock Firmware page.

[*] HTC USB Driver: If you are looking for the master USB Driver for your device, and so head over to Download HTC USB Driver page.