Download 360 Root App (all versions) Root App (APK) is a small-scale one-click beginning app that allows y'all to beginning the Android Devices inwards a Single Tap (supports devices running betwixt Android two.ii to Android 4.4).

Here on this page, we accept managed to part the latest version of the 360 Root App along with the previous versions.

Features of 360 Root App

Quick Root Access:

It allows you to gain quick root access on the Android Device running between Android 2.2 to Android 4.4. Download and install the App on your Android Device > Launch the App > Tap on the Root push button to arrive at the beginning access on the device.

Uninstall Pre-Installed Apps:

You tin easily uninstall or remove the pre-installed apps in addition to organization apps from the Android device after rooting the Android device using the Root App.

Remove Cache together with System Cleaner:

It allows y'all to take the cache information from your Android Device, so the device’s functioning increases. It likewise allows yous to perform System Cleaning within the root app.

Lock Gallery:

It allows you lot to lock the Photo Gallery of your Android device. This way y'all didn’t take to install a sort out android app to lock the gallery of your Android device.

Download 360 Root App (APK)

360 Root is compatible and supports Android Devices running between Android ii.two to Android 4.iii. If inward case you were looking for the latest version of the 360 Root, and so role the next links to go it on your estimator:

v3.0.two: 360_Root_v3.0.two.apk

v6.four.2: 360_Root_v6.4.ii.apk

v6.v.v: 360_Root_v6.5.five.apk

v7.0.3: 360_Root_v7.0.iii.apk

v7.0.iv: 360_Root_v7.0.iv.apk

v7.i.ii: 360_Root_v7.1.four.apk


v7.four.0: 360_Root_v7.four.0.apk

Readme Once:

[*] 360Root App is Discontinued: 360 Root is now officially discontinued by the developer (360 Security Center), which agency it won’t be getting whatsoever farther updates inward the hereafter.

[*] Testing Result: We take tested 360Root App on Xiaomi Mi4 running on Android 4.4.iv, and it fails to source the device. The Developers of the app claim that 360 Root is capable of rooting 9000 devices.

[*] Alternative Apps: There are several One-Click Root Apps are available, including Kingroot App, Framaroot App, iRoot App, RootGenius App, together with Towelroot App.

[*] Credits: 360 Root is created as well as distributed past (360 Security Center). So, total credit goes to them for sharing the App for free.