Download Alcatel Mobile Upgrade Tool (all versions) Mobile Upgrade Tool is a small-scale application for Windows figurer, that allows yous to install or upgrade the firmware on Alcatel Devices.

Here on this page, we have managed to part the latest version of the Alcatel Mobile Upgrade Tool along alongside the previous versions.

Features of Alcatel Mobile Upgrade Tool


It comes as an installer application, which means you have to install it on the computer to use it. Download and extract the Upgrade Tool package on the computer > Open the Setup.exe to launch the Setup Window > Follow the screen instructions to complete the Setup.

Download Firmware:

It allows you to download the Stock Firmware of various Alcatel smartphones and tablets. To download the firmware using the tool, you must connect the Alcatel device to the computer > Then Select the Model from the dropdown listing.

Install Firmware:

It allows you lot to flash or install the Downloaded Firmware on the Alcatel Devices. You tin can install the downloaded firmware on the Alcatel device after connecting the device to the estimator.


It allows you to update the OS (operating system) of your Alcatel device. This feature will entirely work when in that location is an official update released by the Alcatel for the specific model yous have.

Download Alcatel Mobile Upgrade Tool

Upgrade Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 scrap). If in example you were looking for the latest version of the Upgrade Tool, so function the following links to become it on your reckoner:

v0.0.three: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v0.0.3.goose egg

v4.four.4: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v4.four.4.nix

v4.iv.7: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v4.iv.7.naught


v4.5.3: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v4.5.iii.nothing

v4.v.ix: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v4.v.nine.nada

v4.ix.5: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v4.9.5.cypher

v5.0.2: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.0.two.null

v5.0.half dozen: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.0.half dozen.cypher Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.0.7.nothing

v5.0.eight: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.0.8.nil



v5.i.ix: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.i.9.naught

v5.two.0: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.ii.0.nix

v5.two.1: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.2.ane.nada

v5.ii.two: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.2.ii.aught

v5.2.four: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.two.four.null

v5.ii.v: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.ii.five.cypher

v5.two.6: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.2.6.aught


v5.ii.9: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.ii.ix.cipher

v5.iii.0: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.3.0.cypher

v5.iii.3: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.iii.3.nada

v5.iii.5: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.iii.5.cypher


v5.four.iv: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.iv.iv.nothing


v5.iii.8: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.three.8.null


v5.5.iii: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.v.three.naught

v5.v.7: Alcatel_Mobile_Upgrade_Tool_v5.5.7.zilchLatest

Readme Once:

[*] Alcatel PC Suite: If you lot are looking for the official PC Suite Application for the Alcatel devices, then head over to Download Alcatel Smart Suite page.

[*] Alcatel Stock Firmware: If you lot are looking for the master copy firmware for your device, then caput over to Download Alcatel Stock Firmware page.

[*] Alcatel USB Driver: If yous are looking for the master copy USB Driver for your device, then head over to Download Alcatel USB Driver page.

[*] Credits: Upgrade Tool is created together with distributed past TCL Communication. So, total credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.