Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool USB Burning Tool is a pocket-size tool for Windows Computer, which allows y'all to flash Stock Firmware on the devices powered past Amlogic Chipset.

Here on this page, nosotros have managed to portion the latest version of Amlogic USB Burning Tool along amongst the previous versions.

Features of Amlogic USB Burning Tool


It comes as an installer application that needs to live installed on the reckoner to purpose it. Simple Run the setup file in addition to follow the covert instructions to get it installed on the computer in a few seconds.

Flash Firmware:

It helps you to flash the stock firmware on the Mobile device running on the Amlogic Chipset. After launching the Amlogic Burning Tool, you need to load the firmware by clicking on the File > Import Image (img). Then afterward connecting your Mobile device to the calculator too click on the commencement push button to begin the flashing process (read guidelines).


It comes with multiple configuration options, one.e. Erase Flash, Erase Bootloader, Reset After Success, Overwrite Key. The Erase Flash supports 4 types of methods, ane.e. Normal Erase, Force Erase, Erase All, Force Erase All.

Other Options:

It likewise comes inwards Multiple Languages, i.e. English together with Chinese. The Main Grid can be adjusted from the View > Select Menu. The Grid can exhibit Device ID, Progress, Time, Statistic, MAC, SN/USID, MAC_BT, MAC_WIFI.

Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Amlogic Burning Tool is compatible alongside all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows ten (both 32 as well as 64 chip). If inwards instance y'all were searching for the latest version of the tool, so you tin can use the next links to download it on your computer.

v1.two.viii.0817: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v1.2.eight.0817.null

v1.six.2.2: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v1.half-dozen.two.two.cypher

v1.half dozen.two.0128: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v1.six.ii.0128.cypher

v1.6.28: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v1.six.28.zilch Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v1.half-dozen.31.nada

v2.0.0.140211: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.0.140211.zilch


v2.0.ane: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.ane.nothing

v2.0.2: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.two.aught

v2.0.4.three: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.v.6.cypher

v2.0.v.fifteen: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.five.xv.naught

v2.0.half dozen.1:


v2.0.7.two: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.vii.ii.cypher

v2.0.8: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.eight.cipher

v2.0.nine: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.9.naught




v2.ane.six: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.ane.6.five.nix

v2.i.7.0: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.ane.vii.ane.naught

v2.ane.7.iii: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.ane.7.3.cypher


v2.two.0: Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.ii.0.cipher


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Readme Once:

[*] Compatibility: It is compatible alongside Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows vii, Windows eight, Windows 8.ane in addition to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 fleck).

[*] How to Use: If you desire to learn to use the tool to flash the stock firmware, and so head over to How to use Amlogic Burning Tool page.

[*] Amlogic USB Driver: If you lot are looking for the Original Amlogic USB Driver, so caput over to the Download Amlogic USB Driver page.

[*] Credits: Amlogic Burning Tool is created as well as distributed by Amlogic, Inc. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the Application for gratuitous.