Download eMMC DL Tool for Windows DL Tool is a pocket-size application for Windows Computer, that allows y'all to Flash or Install the Stock Firmware on Qualcomm Devices (including smartphones and tablets).

Here on this page, nosotros accept managed to share the eMMC Download Tool that plant on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows viii, as well as Windows 10.

Features of eMMC DL Tool

Flash Firmware:

It allows you lot to flash or install the stock firmware on the devices running on Qualcomm Chipset. Simply Launch the Tool as well as Load the Firmware Folder, then subsequently choosing the Port (where your device is attached to the estimator) in addition to Click on the DL Button to Start the Flashing Process.

Switch to DL Mode:

It allows yous to select between multiple modes of connectedness to connect the device to the calculator. For case, if your device is Dead or it is usually working, and then this feature volition allow you lot to select betwixt them.

Setting Port:

It allows you lot to gear up the Port Number (where your device is attached to the calculator). For case, if you lot know the exact port ID on your computer where you lot accept connected the device, so you lot tin setup it using this characteristic.

Download eMMC DL Tool

If y'all wishing to download the Tool, and then function whatever of the next link to download it on your estimator. We recommend you lot to download the latest version for stability:

V4.four.1R: eMMC_DL_Tool_For_Customer_ENG_v4.four.1R.goose egg


Readme Once:

[*] Works for Qualcomm Chipset Only: The Above tool entirely plant to flash stock firmware on devices having Qualcomm Chipsets. It will not work for any other Chipsets.

[*] How to Use: If you desire to learn to use the tool to flash or install firmware on any Qualcomm devices, and then caput over to How to use eMMC DL Tool page.

[*] Backup before using: If yous are going to purpose the higher up tool, so accept a backup of your essential information from the device, every bit later on flashing the firmware using the eMMC Tool everything volition be deleted.

[*] Credits: eMMC DL Tool is created too distributed past Foneric, Inc. So, Full credit goes to them for sharing the application for complimentary.