Download MobileUncle Tools (all versions) Tools is a small Android app, that allows y'all to go the Device information, Backup IMEI on MTK devices, Search or flash recovery, and apace reboot the device to the recovery manner.

Here on this page, nosotros accept managed to portion the latest version of the MobileUncle Tools along alongside the previous versions.

Features of MobileUncle Tools

Displays Device Info

It allows you lot to become the maximum information nearly your device including CPU Info, Kernal Info, IMEI Info, OS Info, Screen Info, MTD, Mount Status, RAM, ROM Memory, SD Memory too Built Info.

Engineer Mode

Using this feature y'all tin can Modify the IMEI, Test Tools, in addition to Adjust Parameter on the Mediatek Devices.

Recovery Update

It allows y'all to update the electric current recovery to the latest ane. With the help of this tool, you tin flash recovery from the device or search for the recovery file from the cyberspace.

Update Tool

Using the tool, yous tin can flash the stock firmware (OTA) on the device. Load the firmware on the SD retentiveness in addition to Open MobileUncle Update Tool characteristic to apace update the device.

IMEI Backup together with Restore on MTK Devices

Using this feature, you lot can easily backup the existing IMEI, whether it is of Single or Dual SIM, and restore it subsequently (alone for Mediatek Devices).

Power GPS Search

If you mean GPS is not working correctly on your device, and then using this feature, yous can apace make it inwards no time.

App to SD

It allows you lot to transfer the pre-installed apps on the device to the SD carte retention (depending on the device) as many devices don’t enable to move apps.

Reboot into Recovery Mode

Using this feature, you tin can chop-chop reboot your android device into the recovery fashion without pressing any physical buttons.

Download MobileUncle Tools

Mobile Uncle is compatible together with supports Android Devices running between Android ii.2 to Android 10. If inwards instance yous were looking for the latest version of the MobileUncle App, and then use the following links to become it on your calculator or mobile device:

v2.0.0_2012.03.12: MobileUncle_2.0.0_2012.03.12.apk

v2.0.0_2012.04.01: MobileUncle_2.0.0_2012.04.01.apk

v2.0.0_2012.04.xiii: MobileUncle_2.0.0_2012.04.13.apk

v2.ii.0_2012.08.13: MobileUncle_2.2.0_2012.08.thirteen.apk

v2.iv.0_2012.09.09: MobileUncle_2.four.0_2012.09.09.apk MobileUncle_2.vii.3_2012.11.thirteen.apk

v2.8.0_2013.02.23: MobileUncle_2.8.0_2013.02.23.apk

v2.9.3_2013.06.nineteen: MobileUncle_2.9.3_2013.06.xix.apk

v2.9.5_2013.08.09: MobileUncle_2.9.5_2013.08.09.apk

v2.nine.8_2013.12.27: MobileUncle_2.nine.8_2013.12.27.apk

v2.ix.9_2014.01.eleven: MobileUncle_2.ix.9_2014.01.eleven.apk

v3.0.0_2016.02.02: MobileUncle_3.0.0_2016.02.02.apkLatest

Readme Once:

[*] Flashing the wrong recovery using the Mobile Uncle Tool will effort bootloop on the device. To avoid getting bootloop, ever flash the right recovery file.

[*] Caution: Flashing or writing IMEI other than the master copy is Illegal together with may cause serious troubles to y'all.

[*] MobileUncle is Now Discontinued? Not literally! MobileUncle is like a shot known as ToolHero. On the ToolHero App, you lot volition get a ameliorate user interface together with more than features including Batch Uninstalling, Junk Cleanup, 2D Code Scanning, Memory Acceleration, in addition to Auto Start Management.

[*] Credits: MobileUncle Tools is created and distributed by NJava (developer). So, full credit goes to the developer for sharing this app for free.