Download Motochopper Tool (all versions) Tool is a modest application for Windows Computer, which allows you lot to rootage your Android Device running on Android 2.iii to Android iv.ii.

Here on this page, we accept managed to portion the latest version of the Motochopper along amongst the previous versions.

Features of Motochopper Tool

Portable Application:

It comes equally a portable application, which means you lot don’t take to install it on the computer to role it. Open run.bat file to open up the application, as well as y'all are ready to use it.

Simple Interface:

Motochopper is built on Command Window, which makes the interface similar to Windows Command Prompt. And inwards many ways, you will observe it ameliorate and elementary to function it.

Support Android ii.three to Android 4.two:

It allows yous to rootage your Android device running from Android 2.three to Android iv.ii inwards few clicks exclusively. It doesn’t let you to origin devices running from Android four.three to 7.0.

Works Offline:

To use the Application, yous don’t postulate to accept an active net connexion to rootage your device. Launch the application too follow the screen instructions to origin your device.


You tin can role Motochopper Tool on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows seven, Windows viii, Windows eight.1, in addition to Windows ten (x86 or x64 Bit reckoner).

Download Motochopper Tool

Motochopper is compatible amongst all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 scrap). If in instance you lot were looking for the latest version of the Motochopper, then function the next links to get it on your calculator:

v1.0: Motochopper_v1.0.nil


Readme Once:

[*] For Android two.3-iv.ii Only: It alone allows yous to root the Android devices running on Android two.3 to Android four.2. It may not go on the devices running on Android 4.three or beyond.

[*] No information loss process: If y'all are going to attempt Motochopper Application to rootage your android device, and so your information will non be affected in whatever manner.

[*] Warranty Void: Rooting your Android Device volition void the device warranty. And yous may not be able to reclaim the device warranty fifty-fifty subsequently unrooting.

[*] Credits: The Motochopper tool was provided past Dan Rosenberg (XDA Developer). So, total credit goes to him for creating in addition to sharing the application for free.