Download MTK Droid Tool (all versions) Droid Tool is a minor application for windows computer, which allows you lot to perform diverse tasks, including Rooting the device, Creating Scatter file for MediaTek devices, taking the backup of the stock firmware on MediaTek devices, and lots more than.

Here on this page, we accept managed to part the latest version of the MTK Droid Tool along alongside the previous versions.

Features of MTK Droid Tool

Root android phone:

It allows you to root your android device in a single click. Simply, enable the USB debugging on your mobile device > connect the device to the computer > click on the Root button to origin the device.

Backup Recovery:

It allows yous to have a backup of the stock recovery on your android device, likewise equally to restore the recovery on the device.

Backup Stock Firmware:

It allows y'all to accept a complete backup of the organisation (OS) as well as salve it on the estimator, which tin can live restored whenever you desire to.

Create Scatter File:

It allows you lot to create blocks (scatter file), that helps yous to flash or install stock firmware on the mediatek devices.

Write IMEI:

It allows you to backup too restore IMEI on the MediaTek devices. Beside supporting the Mediatek device, it besides supports various other chipsets.

Download MTK Droid Tool

Droid Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 scrap). If inwards case you lot were looking for the latest version of the tool, and then role the following links to get it on the reckoner:


v2.3.4: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.iii.iv.naught

v2.iv.0: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.4.vii.naught

v2.four.eight: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.four.eight.nix

v2.v.0: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.five.0.nix

v2.5.ane: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.5.i.naught


v2.5.iii: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.five.three.zilch

v2.v.3B: MTK_Droid_Tool_v2.5.3B.nothingLatest

Password to Extract: MTK

Readme Once:

[*] For Mediatek Devies: Droid Tool is made for Mediatek Devices. Though it does/may support mobile devices amongst other chipsets, merely some pick out features may/may not work correctly for other chipsets.

[*] Android Exploit Alert: MTK Droid Tool contains Android Exploits, which helps to reach source access on the Android Devices. These exploits are/will be taken as virus/malware by various AntiVirus Applications.

[*] Caution: Rooting the Mediatek Device or Writing the IMEI may wipe the data from the device. Therefore, we recommend y'all to have a backup of your data before using the tool.

[*] Credits: MTK Droid Tool is created too distributed past rua1 (xda developer). So full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for costless.