Download MTK Extractor (all versions) Extractor is a small portable application that allows you to extract the contents of organisation.img and of whatever Mediatek firmware.

Here on this page, we take managed to share the latest version of MTK Extractor along with the previous versions.

Features of MTK Extractor

Portable Application:

It comes equally a portable application, which agency you lot don’t have to install it on the calculator to role it. Download as well as extract the tool on the estimator, too open up MTK_Extractor.exe file to Launch the Tool.

IMG Extractor:

It allows you lot to extract the contents of any system.img file or organization.novel.dat file on the calculator. Click on the Browser button together with Locate the arrangement.img or any img file from the reckoner together with click on the Start push to extract it.

Build Firmware:

If you accept extracted the contents of organization.img or whatever img file for doing more or less modifications into it, together with afterward you want to repack the img file, then using the MTK Extractor tool, yous tin do it inward a Single Click.

Unpack Boot as well as Repack Boot.img:

It allows yous to extract the contents of any kicking.img file in addition to after repack the contents (afterwards doing whatsoever modifications) into a boot.img file.

Unpack together with repack Recovery.img:

It allows yous to extract the contents of recovery.img file, together with subsequently you lot can repack the extracted files into a recovery.img file using this feature.

Download MTK Extractor

MTK Extractor is compatible alongside all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 flake). If in case you lot were looking for the latest version of the tool, and so function the next links to get it on your reckoner:


v2.iv: MTK_Extractor_v2.iv.null

v2.6.1: MTK_Extractor_v2.half-dozen.ane.nix

v2.half dozen.ii: MTK_Extractor_v2.six.2.naught

v2.half dozen.3: MTK_Extractor_v2.six.iii.zipLatest

Readme Once

[*] How to purpose: If you lot desire to larn to use the tool to extract the contents of whatever .img file, and so follow How to role MTK Extractor page.

[*] Supports: Beside Mediatek firmware, it besides allows yous to extract the contents of any .img file of whatever chipset available inwards the earth.

[*] Alternative Tool: Ext4 Unpacker is the best option available, which also allows yous to extract the contents of arrangement.img or whatever .img file.

[*] Credits: MTK Extractor is created together with distributed by Mr. Le Hau (senior developer). So, full credit goes to him for sharing the application for costless.