Download Nokia X Manager (all versions) X Manager is a modest application for Windows Computer, which allows you lot to perform multiple tasks on your Nokia X Smartphone.

Here on this page, we accept managed to percentage the latest version of the Nokia Manager along with the previous versions.

Features of Nokia X Manager

Simple Commands:

It comes with push-based ADB commands, which includes Detect Device Manually, Rebooting the Device, Rebooting the Bootloader, as well as Reboot the Recovery.

Install Recovery:

Using this characteristic, y'all tin easily install CWM or TWRP recovery on your Nokia X or Nokia XL Smartphone. It likewise allows y'all to install the Stock Recovery.

ADB Commands:

Using this characteristic, you can launch ADB Shell Commands, Install whatever Application on your device, in addition to make ADB Push or ADB Pull commands.

Quick Rooting:

It allows you to root or unroot your Nokia X or Nokia XL smartphone inwards a click alone. Connect the device to the figurer, as well as once your device gets detected by the Nokia Manager, click on the rootage push to root the device.

Install Gapps:

It allows y'all to install the Google Apps (gapps) on your Nokia X or XL Smartphone. But your device needs to live rooted starting time, to install or Uninstall the Gapps.

Download Nokia X Manager

Nokia Manager is compatible amongst all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 fleck). If in case y'all were looking for the latest version of the Nokia Manager, then function the following links to become it on your computer: Nokia_X_Manager_v1.ane.0.0.goose egg

v2.0.0.1: Nokia_X_Manager_v2.0.0.i.nil

Readme Once:

[*] How to Use: If y'all want to learn to use Nokia X Manager to source your Nokia X, Nokia X2 and Nokia XL, then caput over to How to rootage Nokia X, Nokia X Plus, Nokia XL page.

[*] Nokia USB Driver: If yous are looking for the master copy usb driver for Nokia X, Nokia X2 together with Nokia XL smartphone, and then caput over to Nokia Driver page.

[*] How to unroot: If you wish to unroot your Nokia X or Nokia XL smartphone then, launch the Nokia Manager on your computer > connect the device to the computer > click on unroot push button.

[*] Credits: Nokia X Manager is created together with distributed past angsanley (xda developer). So, full credit goes to him for creating the tool for Nokia users.