Download Phoenix USB Pro (all versions) USB Pro is a pocket-size application for Windows Computer, that allows yous to flash or install the stock firmware on the devices powered past Allwinner Chipset (including A10, A13, A20, A31 chipsets).

Here on this page, we take managed to portion the latest version of the Phoenix USB Pro along alongside the previous versions.

Features of Phoenix USB Pro


It comes as an installer application, which means you have to install it on the computer to use it. Download and extract the Phoenix USB Pro application on the computer > Open the .exe file to Launch the setup > Complete the Setup > Launch it.

Flash Stock Firmware:

It allows you to flash or install stock firmware (flash file) on the devices powered by Allwinner Chipset. Launch the PhoenixUSB Pro tool on the computer > Load the Key > Load the Firmware > Connect the device to the computer > Click on the Start push to Begin Flashing.

Built inwards Debug View:

The latest version of PhoenixUSB Pro is built on the Debug View Feature. The debug thought feature allows you to run into the details of every stride on the Phoenix Tool.

No postulate of Key:

Previously PhoenixUSB Pro requires you to add together Key to role the tool but inward the subsequently versions (v4.0.0), y'all tin can role the tool without adding the Key.

Download Phoenix USB Pro

It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case y'all were looking for the latest version of the tool, then function the following links to become it on your reckoner:

v3.0.i: Phoenix_USB_Pro_v3.0.1.nothing

v3.three.3: Phoenix_USB_Pro_v3.three.three.nada


v4.0.0: Phoenix_USB_Pro_v4.0.0.goose eggLatest

Readme Once:

[*] How to Use: If yous want to larn to role the Phoenix Pro tool to flash or install firmware, so caput over to the How to role Phoenix USB Pro page.

[*] PhoenixUSB Pro is made to function for Allwinner Chipsets Only (including Allwinner A10, A13, A20, A31 chipsets).

[*] Caution: Flashing or installing firmware using the to a higher place tool will wipe the information from the device. Therefore, nosotros recommend yous to accept a backup of your data before using the tool.

[*] Alternative Tool: Livesuit, PhoenixSuit, PhoenixCard are the best option tool, which too allows yous to Flash the Allwinner IMG firmware on the Allwinner Android Device.

[*] Credits: PhoenixUSBPro is created together with distributed past Allwinner Technology Co. LTD. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for gratuitous.