Download QXDM Tool (all versions) Tool (Qualcomm Extensible Diagnostic Monitor) is a modest application for Windows Computer, which provides a diagnostic client for dual-way subscriber stations, newer user equipment software, in addition to advanced mobile subscriber station.

Here on this page, nosotros have managed to portion the latest version of the QXDM Tool along with the previous versions.

Features of QXDM Tool


It allows y'all to insert the annotation in the detail sentiment in real-time piece gathering the log. The added notation volition be saved every bit role of the .isf file. This feature is solely available during the log collection stage in addition to will non function inward a pre-saved .isf file.


It allows y'all to role the DMC files to ready the data packets. Setting upwards the right DMC verify that the correct packages are collected. DMC tin can too state which views call for opening for further analysis.

Client Config:

It provides a means to configure the item types of items inward which a QXDM interface customer is interested, ane.e., and it defines the partition a customer represents.

NV Browser:

The NV items stored inwards the connected device’s nonvolatile retentivity can be viewed as well as modified using the NV Browser. To read an NV item, choose the item to display all the fields’ names together with click the Read button to read the values from the connected device.

Download QXDM Tool

QXDM is compatible amongst all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 bit). If inwards instance you were looking for the latest version of the QXDM, and then role the next links to get it on your figurer:

v2.7.374: QXDM_Tool_v2.vii.374.cypher

v2.08.05: QXDM_Tool_v2.08.05.nada

v3.9.nineteen: QXDM_Tool_v3.9.19.naught

v3.14.1444: QXDM_Tool_v3.14.1444.nothing



v4.0.450.two: QXDM_Tool_v4.0.450.two.nothing

Readme Once:

[*] Credentials: To role the QXDM Tool, you volition involve to accept the Qualcomm Credentials. You can go the working credentials past creating an account at Qualcomm.

[*] QPST Tool: If you are looking for the latest version of QPST Tool, and so head over to Download QPST Tool page.

[*] QFIL Tool: If y'all are looking for the latest version of QFIL Tool, then caput over to Download QFIL Tool page.

[*] Credits: QXDM is created together with distributed by Qualcomm Mobility Inc. So, total credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.