Download SP Maui Meta Tool (all versions) Maui Meta Tool is a minor application for Windows Computer, which allows you lot to perform multiple tasks on your Mediatek FeaturePhone, Smartphone, together with Tablets.

Here on this page, we take managed to share the latest version of the SP Maui Meta Tool along amongst the previous versions.

Features of SP Maui Meta Tool

Installer Application:

SP MauiMeta Tool comes equally an installer Application, which way you call for to install it on your estimator to function it. Download together with extract the tool on your computer too operate the setup to install it.

Flash IMEI:

It allows you lot to flash or repair IMEI on Mediatek smartphones, feature phones, in addition to tablets. During the flashing or writing process, you lot may require to locate the database files that came along alongside the stock firmware of your Mediatek device.

Restore IMEI:

It allows y'all to have a backup of your device IMEI which can live restored anytime. It supports backup together with restores of IMEI on Mediatek Smartphone, Feature Phone, as well as Tablets.

Repair NVRAM:

It allows y'all to flash or repair the NVRAM of your Mediatek Feature call, Smartphone, in addition to tablets.

Supports Mediatek:

It only supports the devices running on Mediatek Chipset, whether its a Smartphone, Feature Phone, or tablet. It volition not operate on devices having chipset other than Mediatek.

Download SP MauiMeta Tool

MauiMeta Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 flake). If inward instance y'all were looking for the latest version of the MauiMeta Tool, so function the next links to go it on your reckoner:

v1.1208: MauiMeta_v1.1208.aught

v1.1512: MauiMeta_v1.1512.nada

v1.1544: MauiMeta_v1.1544.nil

v1.1620: MauiMeta_v1.1620.null

v1.1628: MauiMeta_v1.1628.goose egg

v1.1648: MauiMeta_v1.1648.nil

v1.1720: MauiMeta_v1.1720.goose egg

v1.1812: MauiMeta_v1.1812.goose egg

v6.1051: MauiMeta_v6.1051.nil

v6.1124: MauiMeta_v6.1124.cypher



v6.1248: MauiMeta_v6.1248.zilch

v6.1308: MauiMeta_v6.1308.zilch

v6.1312: MauiMeta_v6.1312.cipher

v6.1316: MauiMeta_v6.1316.cipher

v6.1324: MauiMeta_v6.1324.nil

v7.1408: MauiMeta_v7.1408.zilch

v7.1412: MauiMeta_v7.1412.nix

v7.1416: MauiMeta_v7.1416.nada

v7.1420: MauiMeta_v7.1420.nada


v7.1424: MauiMeta_v7.1424.null

v7.1426: MauiMeta_v7.1426.goose egg


v7.1440: MauiMeta_v7.1440.goose egg

v7.1444: MauiMeta_v7.1444.goose egg

v7.1446: MauiMeta_v7.1446.nil

v7.1504: MauiMeta_v7.1504.aught

v8.1512: MauiMeta_v8.1512.nil


v8.1520: MauiMeta_v8.1520.goose egg

v9.1536: MauiMeta_v9.1536.null


v9.1602: MauiMeta_v9.1602.aught

v9.1604: MauiMeta_v9.1604.cypher

v9.1635: MauiMeta_v9.1635.nil


v9.1724: MauiMeta_v9.1724.cipherLatest

ModemMeta is the Successor of SP MauiMeta: Download ModemMeta

Readme Once:

[*] How to purpose: If you want to acquire to function the MauiMeta tool to Flash IMEI, then caput over to How to use Maui Meta Tool page.

[*] Caution: Flashing IMEI other than the master is illegal in many countries together with may cause serious trouble to you. We recommend y'all to flash the master IMEI that came along amongst the device.

[*] Alternative Tool: You tin can role SN Write Tool, ModemMeta Tool or Read & Write Tool to flash or repair IMEI on Mediatek devices.

[*] Credits: SP MauiMeta Tool is created in addition to distributed past Mediatek, Inc. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.