Download WriteIMEI Tool (all versions) Tool is a modest application for Windows Computer, which allows you to write IMEI on devices powered by Spreadtrum/Unisoc Chipset, including Smartphone, FeaturePhone, and Tablets.

Here on this page, nosotros accept managed to percentage the latest version of WriteIMEI along with the previous versions.

Features of WriteIMEI Tool

Flash Single IMEI:

It allows yous to flash the IMEI on Spreadtrum/Unisoc Chipset Powered Mobile Devices, which includes FeaturePhone, Smartphone, in addition to Tablets.

Flash Multiple IMEI:

It allows y'all to flash multiple IMEI to the device inwards a single click. Add the IMEI inwards the input area too pick out the way as well as click on write to get the flashing process.

Supports Normal Mode/Calibration Mode:

It allows yous to write IMEI through ii modes, ane.e., Normal Mode together with Calibration Mode. In the normal manner, your device should be On before connecting the device to the computer, too inward the Calibration Mode, you lot don’t accept to press the ability primal, if yous are using the USB cable.

Flash IMEI of your Choice:

You tin can besides flash IMEI of your pick on your device (caution: flashing IMEI different than the master copy is illegal, together with may effort problem for yous, and so beware).

Download WriteIMEI Tool

The IMEI Tool is compatible alongside all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 flake). If in instance you were searching for the latest version of the tool, and then function whatsoever of the following links to go the tool on your figurer:

R1.5.3001: WriteIMEI_R1.5.3001.naught


R1.5.9001: WriteIMEI_R1.5.9001.nix


R3.0.0001: WriteIMEI_R3.0.0001.cipher


R5.0.0001: WriteIMEI_R5.0.0001.nada

R6.0.0001: WriteIMEI_R6.0.0001.nothing


R19.xviii.2001: WriteIMEI_R19.xviii.2001.zilchLatest

Readme Once:

[*] WriteIMEI solely helps you to flash IMEI on Spreadtrum/Unisoc chipset based devices. It will not operate on the Mediatek chipset or whatsoever other chipset devices.

[*] How to function WriteIMEI: Follow How to purpose WriteIMEI to flash or alter IMEI on Spreadtrum/Unisoc devices.

[*] How to know the Device IMEI Number: The easiest mode to know the IMEI issue is past dialing *#06# or by removing the device battery (IMEI written on the back panel of every device).

[*] Caution: Flashing IMEI other than the master copy IMEI is illegal too may effort severe troubles to you, so beware. Always flash the same IMEI number, which comes with the device.

[*] Credits: WriteIMEI tool is provided past Unisoc Inc, so full credit goes to them for the tool. Unisoc likewise provide SPD Flashing Tool which helps you to flash PAC / P5C firmware on Spreadtrum/Unisoc chipset based devices.