Download Xiaomi PC Suite (all versions) PC Suite is the official Phone Manager Application made past Xiaomi, which allows you to easily contend your Xiaomi Smartphone through the Windows Computer.

Here on this page, we have managed to percentage the latest version of the Xiaomi PC Suite along amongst the previous versions.

Features of Xiaomi PC Suite

File Explorer:

It allows you lot to easily Manage whatever file from the device to the reckoner using the File Explorer. It allows you lot to Sync Data between the Xiaomi Device too the estimator.

Apps Manager:

It allows y'all to Backup the Existing Applications from your Xiaomi Device in addition to install any 3rd Party App on the device inward a single click only. It too allows you to easily withdraw or uninstall the applications from the device.

Gallery Manager:

It allows yous to easily make out your Device Photos from the Computer itself. You can easily transfer all the photos to the computer, delete the photos too easily edit them.

Videos Manager:

It allows y'all to Transfer or views your device Videos from the reckoner itself. You tin too Batch delete the Videos or make the Backup of them on the reckoner itself.

Notes Manager:

It allows y'all to read the Notes Entries from the Device. You can easily read together with Modify the Existing Entries as well as add novel entries inwards the Note from your figurer.

Music Manager:

It allows yous to Listen to the existing Music from your Xiaomi device, batch take in addition to Delete the Music, Moving the Music Files from your Device to the Computer or from Computer to the device.

Contacts Manager:

It allows you lot to easily Create, Edit, or Delete whatever Existing contacts from your device. It likewise allows yous to Add Photos to the Contacts, Edit their due east-Mails, Add their Birthdate, Backing upwardly the contacts on the calculator.

Messages Manager:

It allows yous to Create New Messages, Edit or delete the existing Messages from the Xiaomi Device. You tin easily post the message to the multiple contacts inward a single Go.

Other Features:

It allows yous to take the screenshot too Cast the Device covert on the estimator. It besides allows y'all to make the Complete backup of your Xiaomi Device, which tin can be restored anytime.

Download Xiaomi PC Suite

Xiaomi PC Suite is compatible amongst all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 flake). If inwards case yous were looking for the latest version of the Xiaomi PC Suite, so purpose the next links to go it on your figurer:

V2.2.0.7032: Xiaomi_PC_Suite_V2.ii.0.7032.cypher Xiaomi_PC_Suite_V3.ii.1.3111.cipher

Readme Once:

[*] Compatibility: It is compatible amongst Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows seven, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 together with Windows x (x64 or x32 chip computer).

[*] Xiaomi Stock ROM: If yous are looking for the Original Stock Firmware, so caput over to the Xiaomi Stock ROM page.

[*] Xiaomi USB Driver: If y'all are looking for the Original USB Driver, and so head over to the Xiaomi USB Driver page.

[*] Xiaomi Flash Tool: If y'all are looking for the Official Xiaomi Flash Tool and then head over to the Download Xiaomi Flash Tool page.

[*] Credits: Xiaomi PC Suite is created too distributed past Xiaomi Mobility Inc. So, full credit goes to them for creating in addition to sharing the tool for complimentary.


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