Download XperiFirm Tool (all versions) Tool is a minor all the same powerful tool that allows y'all to download Stock firmware for about any Sony Xperia Smartphone as well as Tablets.

Here on this page, we accept managed to percentage the latest version of the XperiFerm Tool along with the previous unloose.

Features of XperiFirm Tool

Small Portable Tool:

XperiFirm comes every bit a Small Portable application, which doesn’t require y'all to install it on the estimator to purpose it. Launch the tool, in addition to y'all are cook to use it.

Download Firmware:

XperiFirm allows you lot to download Stock Firmware for near every Sony Xperia device out in that location, including the latest and the oldest.

Downloading Options:

XperiFirm allows you lot to alter the Download Settings. You tin can select the Location where firmware should live downloaded on your estimator too likewise inquire where firmware should live downloaded.

Downloading using Proxy:

XperiFirm allows y'all to purpose Proxy to download whatsoever Xperia Firmware. Enable Proxy under settings, as well as get in the proxy details, in addition to y'all are ready to download the firmware.

Download XperiFirm Tool

The XperiFirm is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows x (x32 or x64 scrap). If inward example you lot were looking for the latest version of the tool, then yous tin can function next links to download it on your estimator:

v1.0: XperiFirm_v1.0.cipher

v2.0: XperiFirm_v2.0.naught

v3.ane: XperiFirm_v3.1.naught

v3.5: XperiFirm_v3.five.nada


v4.four: XperiFirm_v4.4.goose egg

v4.v.0: XperiFirm_v4.v.0.null

v4.half dozen.0:

v4.vii.3: XperiFirm_v4.vii.iii.goose egg

v4.vii.4: XperiFirm_v4.vii.iv.cypher

v4.8.0: XperiFirm_v4.viii.0.nada

v4.ix.ane: XperiFirm_v4.9.i.aught

v5.0.0: XperiFirm_v5.0.0.nix

v5.2.0: XperiFirm_v5.2.0.null



v5.four.0: XperiFirm_v5.4.0.nadaLatest

Readme Once:

[*] How to Use: If you desire to larn to function XperiFirm Tool to download any Sony Xperia Firmware, and so read How to Download Xperia Firmware using XperiFirm.

[*] Sony Xperia Stock Firmware: If y'all are looking for the master copy firmware for your device, and then head over to Download Sony Xperia Stock Firmware page.

[*] Sony Xperia USB Driver: If y'all are looking for the original USB Driver for your device, and then head over to Download Sony Xperia USB Driver page.

[*] Credits: XperiFirm Tool was created in addition to distributed by IgorEisberg (xda developer). So, full credit goes to him for creating the tool.